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OC Women’s Month Profile – Jenny Trew

Cycling is my passion. I am a mom of two fantastic kids and an advocate for women in sport. Coaching cycling is a medium to help people achieve their personal potential through the sport of cycling. While also a member of Ontario Cycling’s Gender Equity Committee.


How long have you been cycling?

I’ve always loved playing around on my bike. I started competitive cycling when I was 16 as part of a triathlon training program, but soon got hooked on the speed and tactics of cycling and never looked back!


What drew you to coaching?

I was really lucky to have an exceptional female coach in Denise Kelly for my final few years as an athlete. I really liked how she related to the athletes and I wanted other athletes to have the option of a female coach with top credentials. I soon realized how much I loved the teaching aspect and helping athletes achieve their personal potential through the bike.


What’s your favourite part of coaching?

I love seeing people push themselves and surpass what they believed to be possible.


What advice would you give to other women about coaching?

An effective coach/athlete relationship is all about communication. Find someone you are comfortable and can be real with.


What was your first bike?

The first bike I really remember ripping around on was a red BMX bike with white tires. I loved it!