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OC Women’s Month Profile – Carla Aitken

Carla Aitkin is a member of Silver Spokes Cycling Club Carla has served on their board as the club Secretary for several years, followed by a two-year term, which just ended, as the club President. In the post-COVID period she worked tirelessly as President to create and manage a successful publicity and recruitment campaign for the club that saw a nearly 50% membership increase from our 2021 low point. Over the years Carla has also organized numerous special rides and events for the club.

Carla was a Guidance Counsellor for many years in her hometown and after many hours on email, on screens, on Zoom meetings – she can’t wait to get outside! Cycling is just one of the many activities she enjoys.



How long have you been cycling?

I bought my first bike in 2008 and was a reluctant cyclist at the beginning. Joining a Club, and doing the Learn to Ride program, gave me the confidence – and motivation – to ride more.



What drew you to getting involved with Silver Spokes Cycling Club?

I can’t say enough about the members. I look forward to seeing the people as much as I look forward to the workout and the miles. Members are willing to share their knowledge, their gear, their favourite routes, etc. and they make every ride fun.



What’s your favourite part about volunteering and running these events for women?

It’s fun trying different things for different audiences. Riding is very social for me, so I love the opportunity to have female-centred events and getting to know the other women riders in the Club and community. We’ve done a lot of experimenting over the years – rides with yoga, trail rides, rides followed by lunch – to find what might appeal to our female riders.



What advice would you give to other women about getting involved?

You belong! Most cycling clubs want to reflect their members’ interests and likes/dislikes, so speak up! You’ll have more fun if you do.



What’s favourite type of ride?  

Definitely a social ride with good food and conversation to follow! I love my trail and road rides equally, so it’s tough to pick a favourite.