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OC Women’s Month Profile – Beatrice Trang

Beatrice Trang is the owner and founder of BloomBMX, a space created for female BMX Riders.  She is the 2023 Canadian BMX Freestyle Champion and works tirelessly to promote female and empower BMX riders. 


What got you started in BMX and what would your advice be to someone just starting out?

I got into BMX around the age of 13, like many young teens around that age, you just want to find a place and a community to belong to. For me, it started out as a reason to see friends at a skatepark and then it quickly formed into a passion. As I got older, I transitioned into BMX racing, which truly provided a sense of a community and family. This is a great time to try BMX. There are so many opportunities to rent and to try the sport at very low entry barrier. I would suggest checking out Joyride 150, not only do they offer rentals but also 1 on 1 coaching, it’s our only indoor bike park in Ontario, but it’s also considered a world class destination. As for BMX racing, we are super blessed to have a number of BMX tracks across Ontario offering rentals, and clinics. There is no excuses, give BMX a try! 

Beatrice Trang smiling in her bmx helmet and vans t-shirt
Woman riding a skate-park bowl on a bmx bicycle

Where did the idea of Bloom BMX come from?

The Bloom BMX was created to fulfill a gap in our culture, the lack of coverage for women’s BMX. Sometimes by accident, and sometimes purposely, women are still today, excluded from the conversation -despite the progress we’ve seen in equal pay and the Olympics. We’re not saying the women are better than the men, there are no comparisons being made here, we just want to do our best to show case and honor the women in this sport and help them in their progression and career. 


What is next for you in BMX?

Hopefully the same as the previous years, continuing the coverage of women’s BMX, continuing to look at ways we can support the athletes and hopefully some riding time in between.