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OC Women’s Month Profile – Anna Tykoliz

Anna Tykoliz is an incredible competitor.  She has represented Canada five times at the UCI World Road and Mountain Bike Championships in Slovenia, Denmark, France, Quebec, and Scotland. She has earned a Silver Medal in Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec at the UCI World Mountain Bike Championships

With a total of 14 Nationals Titles, Anna continues to impress with her dedication and passion for the sport:

  • 2021-2024 4 National Titles in eSports
  • 2021- 2023 3 National Titles in Road
  • 2021- 2023 3 National Titles in Time Trial
  • 2021- 2023 3 National Titles in Criterium
  • 2022 1 Provincial Title in Individual Time Trial


How or why did you begin cycling?

You have to bear in mind the era and location I grew up in. Our family resided in Small Town, Ontario where you had two modes of transportation to get around…you guessed it…walk or ride a bike! I rode my bike to baseball, to visit friends and to the corner store, but definitely not cool to ride to school. When I met my high school sweetheart and husband, Wally. We dated and bought our first bike, a tandem to get around when we couldn’t borrow the family car. My big Ahaa moment came in 2002 when Brock University offered a workshop on “How to Mountain Bike.” My first race was in the Niagara Region called the “Squeezer.” It was thrilling to cross the finish line and I’ve been racing since on a Local, Provincial, National and International Level.


What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

There’s two. Racing my Road bike at the Canadian Nationals in 2021, standing on the top step of the Podium and being handed the Canadian National Jersey to wear. There was no greater feeling on this earth for me than wearing the “Maple Leaf.” The other accomplishment was racing at the Ontario Provincial Championship Time Trials and earning the Provincial Championship Jersey. These two Championships were the results of 22 years of training I undertook to earn the top step of the podium.

Anna headshot, black background wearing canadian track champions jersey
Anna banking around a corner in a road cycling race

What would you say to your younger self if you could?

Be proud Anna, you always felt confident about being a good sport, making friends along the way and being kind and supportive as a cyclist. Proud that you always showed up at the start line to have fun.  Glad she knew it wasn’t important to beat this cyclist or that cyclist. She was spot on right to just go out and have some fun and do her best! She will discover that her greatest treasures will reveal themselves when she crosses the finish line……the smiles, sometimes tears but ALWAYS the joys of racing her bike.


What advice would you give to a younger athlete just starting out?

Get involved in our world of cycling. Start with your local cycling communities and clubs…show up at their rides…watch them roll out…and get excited! Have your parents or you reach out to Ontario Cycling Association (OC) and learn about the spectrum of cycling opportunities the OC offers. Go to your local bike shop and ask questions…where you will learn it’s not about the bike at all…it’s about YOU. Speak with a Cycling Coach who is Certified by the OC where you will learn having a Cycling Coach is affordable and you will be well on your way for a lifetime of riding/racing your bike.