Always In Motion

2023 Road Cycling Season Concludes

We have reached the end of our 2023 road cycling season and for those who raced, it’s time to sit back, relax and reflect on your achievements this past season.  We witnessed the passion, drive and determination of OC cyclists, as they pushed themselves through grueling stages and faced unpredictable weather conditions.  We would like to congratulate every rider who participated in our Ontario Cycling Road Events where, with Performance Driven Events, we worked to bring unique challenges while showcasing the beautiful landscape of Ontario.  We are pleased to present the end-of-season report that will serve as a valuable tool for all involved as it provides an overview of the season, including feedback received from participants.”

With the continuation of Ontario Cycling’s Event Participation Survey for the 2023 season, event participants had the opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences at any Ontario Cycling sanctioned events. The requirement of participating in 1 OCup in order to participate at Provincials was introduced for this season and many riders were in support or indifferent to this new rule. Riders also provided feedback on the registration process, the pricing of events, and features they would like to see added to future events.

We want to thank all of the clubs, officials, and volunteers who helped make this year’s activities possible. The 2023 OCup Road Series and Provincial Championships would not have been possible without their perseverance and commitment. We are appreciative of their dedication to making these events a success and their priceless contribution to the sport of cycling.

We sincerely hope that each and every cyclist who took part this year had a great time and learned a lot from it. We want to see you back next season, prepared to take on even bigger tasks and succeed even more. The excitement and inspiration of Road cycling are derived from the enthusiasm and dedication of all those participating in these events. We’d like to congratulate everyone who took part and wish you luck in the upcoming season.