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Ontario Cycling announces Two High Performance Track Cycling Training Programs for the 2023-2024 Season

U19 Ontario Track Academy

The Ontario Track Academy is a high performance athlete development program run by Ontario Cycling in partnership with the National Cycling Institute Milton.  Running from October to April, the program provides targeted U17/U19 athletes with enhanced training opportunities to compliment their club/team training.

Athletes receive weekly on-track training sessions, led by Provincial Coach David Jack, and supervised strength and conditioning programming from the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario.  Additionally, athletes are provided with sport science workshops [nutrition, mental performance] and attend standalone technical camps with guest coaches including Cycling Canada coaches and former national team members.

The primary objectives of the program are to:

  • To assess and identify athletes with the potential of achieving a Cycling Canada junior time standard within 1-3 years 
  • To provide identified athletes with a best in class training environment to maximize athlete performances
  • To transition athletes from provincial into national team programming

2023-2024 Ontario Track Academy Roster

  • Kristen Taylor – MRCC Women’s U21 Dev Project
  • Larissa Pedersen – KW Cycling Academy
  • Anika Brants – Attack Racing
  • Haniya Jackson – UNC Lotto Max
  • Teagan Gawne – KW Cycling Academy
  • Alex Fangeat – KW Cycling Academy
  • Lili Salonen-Berscht – KW Cycling Academy
  • Eve Buczkowski – Attack Racing
  • Albert Taylor – KW Cycling Academy
  • Jake McLean – KW Cycling Academy
  • Antoine Bergeron – Ignite Junior Cycling
  • Charlie Walsh – Mariposa Cycling Team
  • Andres Elliott-Cordoba – KW Cycling Academy
  • Ashlin Barry – EF Education-ONTO
  • Ronan Mantle – KW Cycling Academy
  • Brody Mann – Attack Racing
  • Nathanael Carl Fry – Ignite Junior Cycling
  • Maxim Wojciechowski – Ignite Junior Cycling
  • Matthew Payne – Independent
  • David Jack (Head Coach)
  • Chris Reid (Coach)
  • Erin Watchman (Apprentice Coach)

U23 Ontario Performance Program – Track DTE

The transition from junior into U23/Elite is a significant development jump, often creating challenges for many strong athletes that aren’t able to progress directly into a national team program, trade team, or another supported programming. Additionally, even when athletes can enter these programs, they are often facing new lifestyle challenges transitioning into post-secondary, starting careers, and/or moving away from their familiar home and training environment. All these changes can result in elevated stress levels and decreased motivation, often resulting in talented athletes leaving the system prior to reaching their full athletic potential.

To assist in addressing this issue, Cycling Canada and Ontario Cycling have partnered to create the Ontario Performance Program to help foster a national training hub for targeted athletes. Although the program will be based out of the Milton Velodrome, the program is open to identified athletes from all cycling sports. The program will provide open and flexible training opportunities to help accommodate athlete schedules while creating a “training group” support system to help motivate athletes and push their training potential.

The primary objectives of the program are to:

  • Provide identified athletes with additional training and support services to assist in progressing towards national team selection projects and programs
  • Provide opportunities for athletes to train in a group setting, creating a social and supportive environment to enhance athlete engagement
  • Deliver sport science services and information workshops to improve off-bike training practices and habits

2023-2024 Ontario Performance Program – Track DTE Roster

  • David Olejniczak – Independent 
  • Charles Bergeron – Ignite Junior Cycling
  • Dylan Bibic – Israel Premier Tech Continental
  • Ethan Powell – KW Cycling Academy
  • Hudson Lubbers – Ignite Junior Cycling
  • Albert Taylor – KW Cycling Academy
  • Axel Froner – TaG Cycling Race Team
  • Theron Inglis – Ascent Cycling
  • Andrew Scott – Independent
  • Erin Watchman – Juventus Cycling Club
  • Parmis Rabet – Opus Elite Cycling pb Cyclepath Oakville
  • Vanessa Montrichard – Team Valley Velo
  • Madeline LeBreton – Cyclery Racing
  • Serena Grodski – MRCC Women’s U21 Dev Project
  • Jocelyn Stel – Independent
  • Skyler Goudswaard – Cyclery Racing
  • Kristen Taylor – MRCC Women’s U21 Dev Project
  • David Jack (Head Coach)
  • Chris Reid (Coach)
  • Erin Watchman (Apprentice Coach)