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Track photography certification

If you’re interested in learning about the regulations and tricks of the trade for taking great photographs of track cycling, this is the clinic for you! Whether it’s drop-ins during the week or covering a professional cycling event at the velodrome, the same basic principles for shooting track cycling apply. Due to the demand in the cycling community and the increased requests to be track accreditated by Ontario Cycling, Rob Jones from Canadian Cyclist Magazine will offer a track photography certification course for amateur photographers.


The certification session will be a 90-minute session hosted by Ontario Cycling at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre (MNCC) in Milton on January 13th, at 7 pm. The 90 minutes will be split into three sections.

  • Section 1: A presentation discussing and reviewing the important key rules and information
  • Section 2: All participants will head up to the competition site (infield, stands and track site) to receive further details on how to behave on the track if accreditated as a press representative, as well as best practices and spots to shoot from.
  • Section 3: Will be a discussion on how to get accreditated for track events, including the limitations and guidelines at provincial, national and international races. This will include a discussion on the difference between professional and amateur photographers and the opportunities available.


Certification: The certification ensures that each participant will know be knowledgeable on UCI media regulations, frameworks, and receive essential information on the expected manner of press representatives at track cycling events for Ontario Cycling, Cycling Canada and UCI events.

Costs: The cost for participating in the certification process is $100 for Members and $150 for Non-Members. All successful participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the clinic.

Press/Professional Photographers: This certificate will provide professional photographers with a press ID and working for a sports media outlet to apply for accreditation in order to gain access to the infield.

Non-Professional/Amateur photographers:  The certification allows non-professional/amateur photographers without press accreditation to apply to be on the infield up to a maximum of 3 individuals per event. Applications for access to an event must be received 10 business days prior to the event. All applicants who do not have press accreditation must be an OC Member in good standing and have paid the amateur photographers fee of $45.00.