What to Know for O-Cup #2 and YTDS #2

Youth Development Track Race #2

Registration Opens: 11:00am

Racing Begins: 12:30pm

 Track OCup #2

Registration Opens: 7:30am

Keirin Session Start: 9:00am

Second Session (Scratch, Tempo, Points) Start: 11:30am

 Pit Assignments

  • Team pits will be pre-assigned by the OCA, based on team/club registration numbers.
  • Advertisements/signage in team pits is not permitted.

Event Safety

  • Do not ride down the back ramp. Riders are to walk their bikes down. Failure to do so may result in a fine or being pulled from future events.
  • Only those with a coaching designation on their UCI License will be permitted trackside. Mechanics are to remain behind the railing by the ramp and stairs on the back straight and are only permitted trackside in the event of a crash or mechanical incident.
  • Access to trackside for video and photography is reserved for media personnel who have completed Media Training as approved by the OCA and is at our sole discretion.

Weather Warning

  • Events will start on the scheduled time regardless of the weather.
  • Be sure to leave yourself extra time when travelling.


  • All riders MUST be in possession of a 2020 UCI Race License with the Track designation (YTDS allows for Citizen Permits from Ontario Youth Racers)
  • Proof of purchase will not be accepted as a license. Only screenshots or physical printed cards will be accepted.

In-Field Policy (YTDS #2)

  • All team personnel are required to check-in at registration for a wristband.
  • Only team identified personnel with wristbands are permitted in the in-field
  • A maximum of five (5) personnel per club are permitted.
  • Independent riders are permitted one (1) support person.
  • Coaching from the apron will be permitted during A, B and C category races ONLY.