Use of Disc Brakes in Ontario

There has been significant discussion about the use of disc brakes in Ontario and we have received many calls to our office regarding this subject.

The fact is disc brakes have not been permitted under the UCI rules for use on road bikes outside of a very narrow test program with Pro riders in the World Tour. In other words, the use of disc brakes in road racing in Ontario and in Canada has never been permitted.

Very recently the UCI halted the test due to an injury that was apparently caused by contact with a disc brake during the Paris – Roubaix road race in Europe. I am using the word apparently as I am relying on media reports describing the nature of the injury.  There appears to be a real risk of injury from these brakes and I have included a link to the article.  It contains graphic images of the injury both before and after medical treatment.  LINK

In light of that injury it was prudent for the UCI to suspend the test and review this further. In Ontario nothing has changed – Disc Brakes are banned from competitive road racing events that we sanction.  In particular disc brakes on any bicycle are banned from Youth Cup events – the rules have never permitted them and no parent should be willing to accept the risk of injury from a disc brake.

We will continue to review the events that we sanction to further ensure that we are compliant with the rules. At the club level we are following the lead of Cycling Canada and do not recommend disc brakes in any circumstance where riders will be in a group or a bunch, however for club activities and non-competitive events disc brakes are not banned at the present time.


Jim Crosscombe

Chief Executive Officer

Ontario Cycling Association