Toronto Star Article

An article appears today in the Toronto Star discussing a lawsuit that has been launched by a member against the Ontario Cycling Association. We disagree with premise of the lawsuit and are actively defending ourselves.

The OCA is committed to providing individuals with fair, impartial, and effective procedures for resolving complaints. OCA’s procedures, standards and principles for resolving complaints are set out in the following OCA policies:

· OCA’s Discipline and Complaints Policy;
· OCA’s Dispute Resolution Policy; and
· OCA’s Code of Conduct and Ethics

These policies are all publicly available on OCA’s website.

Anyone – parents, participants, other stakeholders – can and should ask questions or raise concerns about any coach’s background, behaviour or performance. OCA takes every question or concern extremely seriously and endeavours to address each and every question or concern as soon as it possibly can.

In addition, the OCA has extensive screening processes as defined by our screening policy for our coaches which include a criminal record check or a vulnerable sectors check, a screening disclosure form and other information as defined by the policy.