Throwback Thursday April 23rd

This week on Throwback Thursday we are taking a look back at the great races, stunning country sides and great off-road biking that make up the annual Paris to Ancaster Race.The race is a homage to the historic Paris to Roubaix race which is one of cycling’s oldest races. Each spring the Paris to Roubaix takes competitors over the rough terrain and cobblestones roads of Northern France.

The Paris to Ancaster race puts a Canadian spin on this by taking riders over rough farm lanes, trails and gravel roads. In addition to the rough course, the race takes place in the spring when conditions can be hot, rainy, windy, cold, muddy or even snowy. The unpredictability of the conditions and varying terrain have given each year it’s own unique ride. The race also features a huge field of riders making it the perfect race for anyone from average riders to experienced professionals.













What are some of your favourite memories and best pictures from the past 26 years of Paris to Ancaster races?

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