Team Ontario Announced for Canadian Road Championships

The Ontario Cycling Association is excited to announced the athletes selected to represent Ontario at the U19 Canadian Road Championships.  Axel Froner [KW Cycling Academy] and Daniel Nordemann-Da Silva [Attack Racing] will bring leadership as returning athletes from Team Ontario at the 2018 Canadian Road Championships and Tour de L’Abitibi.  Also, joining the team this year will be Oliver Campbell [Midweek CC] and Levi Ogryzlo [Attack Racing] who are coming off strong O-Cup seasons.  The team will be supported by Head Coach David Jack and Mechanic Murray Solem.

Team Ontario

Head Coach – David Jack

Mechanic – Murray Solem

Axel Froner [Toronto] – KW Cycling Academy

Daniel Nordemann-Da Silva [London] – Attack Racing

Oliver Campbell [Toronto] – Midweek CC

Levi Ogryzlo [Oakville] – Attack Racing