Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 Road Series will need to follow any and all government enforced spacing and gathering protocols. The races on the 2022 preliminary calendar are currently only proposed and will have to comply with outdoor gathering limits in addition to other COVID-19 protocols. Events listed in the preliminary calendar will only be possible once the organizers have completed the necessary paperwork and deposit payments. Simply being listed in the Ontario Cycling Association 2022 Preliminary Calendar does not guarantee an event will run. We thank you for your understanding as we navigate the rules and regulations surrounding both the pandemic and our sport.

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Types of Road Events

Road Race

Competitors begin together on either a large circuit of roads or a point-to-point course, with the first rider over the finish line winning the event. Terrain and weather conditions take their toll on the riders, as does the length of the race.


A Criterium is a mass start road race consisting of multiple laps on a short, 1 to 2 km circuit. Originating on the city streets of Europe, “crits” are exciting races to watch, as the riders are in almost constant view.

From a rider’s perspective, these races place a premium on speed and nerve as tight corners demand bike-handling skill and rapid acceleration from the corner exits into the straights. High speeds become higher when the race organizers include “primes” or special sprints for prizes. These events can often finish in mass sprints of 50 riders or more.

Time Trial

In these events the individuals race against the clock, commonly over distances of 15 to 40 km. Known as the “race of truth”, the time trial demands the utmost stamina and concentration from riders, where discipline, conditioning and technique are the traits leading to a victory.

Time trials also can be ideal introductions to competition for novice riders who are still learning the basics of group riding and may not be confident enough to participate in massed-start events. Efficient riding technique and good aerodynamics are essential and make time trials one of the most technically exacting of cycling events. Ontario’s Anne Samplonius won the silver medal in the Senior Women’s ITT at the 1994 World Championships.

Hill Climbs

Point-to-point time trials in which the finish line is at a considerably higher altitude than the start line are commonly referred to as hill climbs. The steepest, toughest climbs in Ontario are sought out for these events, which pit the riders against both the clock and the hill.

Stage Races

Stage races incorporate elements of all of the types of races described above. Each event is known as a stage. Racing over a different distance day after day is only for the fittest of the fit.

The winner with the lowest aggregate time is the winner. There is a winner for each stage, and of course an overall winner. A crafty, consistent rider may win a stage race without ever winning a stage.

Selecting a Road Race Category and Licence

2022 Season

This chart is designed to help riders new to the sport to pick a category as well as help all riders determine which kind of membership is required to participate in their categories. Riders who still have questions about categories after reading these charts should contact the OCA office.

Age Information
UCI Licence
Elite 1/2 Men*Age: 17+
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: RME.1 / RME.2 / RMU23.1 / RMU23.2
Ability Level: Professional and/or Highly Skilled Elite Amateur Racers
RME.1 / RME.2 / RMU23.1 / RMU23.2Professional and/or Highly Skilled Elite Amateur Racers
Elite 3 Men*Age: 17+ (15/16 w approval)
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: RME.3 / RMU23.3
Ability Level: Intermediate - Advanced
RME.3 / RMU23.3Intermediate - Advanced
Elite 4 Men**Age: 17+
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: RME.4 / RMU23.4
Ability Level: Novice - Intermediate
RME.4 / RMU23.4Novice - Intermediate
Elite Women (E3)*Age: 17+ (15/16 w approval)
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: RME.1 / RME.2 / RME.3
Ability Level: Novice - Intermediate
RME.1 / RME.2 / RME.3Novice - Intermediate
M1 MenAge: 35+
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: RMMA.1 / RMMB.1 / RMMC.1 / RMMD.1
Ability Level: Advanced – Elite
RMMA.1 / RMMB.1 / RMMC.1 / RMMD.1Advanced – Elite
M2 MenAge: 35+
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: RMMA.2 / RMMB.2 / RMMC.2 / RMMD.2
Ability Level: Intermediate - Advanced
RMMA.2 / RMMB.2 / RMMC.2 / RMMD.2Intermediate - Advanced
M3 Men**Age: 35+
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: RMMA.3 / RMMB.3 / RMMC.3 / RMMD.3
Ability Level: Novice - Intermediate
RMMA.3 / RMMB.3 / RMMC.3 / RMMD.3Novice - Intermediate
Master 35-44 Women**Age: 35-44
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: RWMA
Ability Level: All
Master 45+ Women**Age: 45+
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: RWMB / RWMC
Ability Level: All
Sportif Category M/W**Age: 17+
Citizen Permit
UCI Licence
UCI Licence: No Code on UCI
Ability Level: Novice/Beginner
No Code on UCINovice/Beginner

* Any riders under 17 interested in racing in an Ontario Cup, Crit Series or Regional Road event in the E3 category must be approved by the OCA Youth Upgrade/Downgrade Committee. Junior age riders will now be slotted into the E2 – E4 categories for men and E2 – E3 for women in provincial level road events. Those looking to race E2 must have been approved for an upgrade. Those who are brand new to road racing are recommended to select the lowest ability category.

** New members MUST select an entry level/novice category unless they have a previous race license with another cycling body (proof of this is required before a license will be granted).

Citizen Events
License requirements subject to event rules.
Note availability of non-member permits subject to OCA approval

Race type and membership required
Age Beginner Sport Open
Dependent on Event UCI
Provincial Race License
Non-Member Permit
Provincial Race License
Non-Member Permit
Provincial Race License
Non-Member Permit

Ontario Cup and Upgrade Points

Ontario Cup Points

Ontario Cup points are awarded to all categories except Senior 4 Men.  Only riders who purchase their racing membership through the OCA are eligible for O-Cup points.

(Please visit MEMBERSHIP for One-Event Racing Permit details).  DNF riders (riders who do not finish) are not entitled to O-Cup points.  O-Cup points are different than upgrade points.

The breakdown of O-Cup points (and Ontario Criterium Points) is as follows for each category:

Place Points Place Points
1st 25 9th 7
2nd 20 10th 6
3rd 16 11th 5
4th 13 12th 4
5th 11 13th 3
6th 10 14th 2
7th 9 15th 1
8th 8

Season ending  Ontario Cup Road Series point totals will be a simple tally of the all the O-Cup points earned at O-Cup events for the current year.  In the event of a tie, the Series Champion will be decided by the following; 1) Most Wins 2) If still tied, most 2nd places 3) If still tied, most 3rd places 4) If still tied, most 4th places 5) If still tied, then highest placed finish in final race takes precedence.

Since 2009: O-Cup points and upgrade points will be consumed by out of Province riders. i.e. A rider with a Quebec licence who finishes 3rd in a O-Cup will “consume” those points.

Upgrade Points System

Upgrade points will be awarded at all Ontario based regional and Ontario Cup races running standard ability based categories. Any Provincial Championships running ability based categories will also have upgrade points available. Upgrade points will be awarded for all categories based on field size. Points will also be awarded on the basis of any combined field sizes so if multiple categories are combined to make the field, points will not be broken out by category placing but rather placing in that combined field.

Riders may upgrade at 25 points (Must upgrade at end of season regardless) and will be automatically upgraded once they have 40 points or more.

Field Size of 41+ riders (Not including DNS) Field Size of 30-40 riders (Not Including DNS) Field Size of 15-29 riders (Not Including DNS) Field Size of less than 15 riders (Not Including DNS)
1st place – 20 points 1st place – 17 points 1st place – 15 points 1st place – 11 points
2nd place – 17 points 2nd place – 15 points 2nd place – 13 points 2nd place – 9 points
3rd place – 15 points 3rd place – 13 points 3rd place – 11 points 3rd place – 7 points
4th place – 13 points 4th place – 11 points 4th place – 9 points 4th place – 5 points
5th place – 11 points 5th place – 10 points 5th place – 7 points 5th place – 3 points
6th place – 10 points 6th place – 9 points 6th place – 5 points
7th place – 9 points 7th place – 8 points 7th place – 4 points
8th place – 8 points 8th place – 7 points 8th place – 3 points
9th place – 7 points 9th place – 6 points 9th place – 2 points
10th place – 6 points 10th place – 5 points 10th place – 1 points
11th place – 5 points 11th place – 4 points
12th place – 4 points 12th place – 3 points
13th place – 3 points 13th place – 2 points
14th place – 2 points 14th place – 1 point
15th-20th place – 1 point 15th place – 1 point

The above points scale is based on the field size. In races with combined fields, the above chart will apply to the combined field as a whole and not to each individual category.


Elite 1/2 Men and Women must earn at least 1 upgrade point during the season to retain their status for the following season. Any riders not meeting this criteria will automatically be downgraded at the end of the season. A downgraded individual may apply for an exemption to the OCA Upgrade/Downgrade Committee prior to the following season.


  • Riders who are riding on UCI, or CCC Trade Teams are exempt from Elite 1/2 downgrade
  • Riders who have Elite MTB Status may retain E2 status if they choose.
  • Riders who have earned at least 1 upgrade point in an out-of-province race (An Out-of-Province Results Form must be submitted for consideration)


For Master Male riders who have a racing age of 50 years or older (Master C and Master D), there will be no mandatory upgrade to M1. Riders in this age bracket who achieve enough upgrade points to upgrade to M1 may still choose to upgrade if they choose but it will not be mandatory.

Master Women and Junior/U17 aged riders will NOT have a mandatory upgrade.


In applicable races where all women are combined in one field, the Elite 3 Women’s category will be pointed based on the size of the E3/Master Women in that specific race. (I.e. If a combined women’s race has 40 riders who start, however only 9 are E3/Master Women, upgrade points for Elite 3 will be allocated based on a field size of 9 riders.


Riders may formally apply for an upgrade to the OCA Upgrade/Downgrade Committee by using one of the below forms.

Upgrade Request Forms can be found HERE.

Out of Province Races and Results

Note Out-of-Province racers “eat up” points should they finish in a position that would earn points.

For riders who participate in sanctioned races outside of Ontario, you may earn the equivalent upgrade points in these races by having the out-of-province results verification sheet filled out.

Competition Results and Protests

If a rider has a race problem/protest at an event they should deal immediately with the Chief Commissaire at that event. The Chief Commissaire’s decision shall be final.  If a rider wishes to further appeal the decision, a written protest must be filed to the Provincial Chief Commissaire c/o the OCA within 10 business days.

NOTE: Any race result discrepancies must be reported to the commissaire within 15 minutes of being posted at the event. Following this 15 minute period, results are considered final and are signed off as official.


Junior Gear Restrictions

Juniors racing at the Ontario Cups within combined categories (E1-4) will not be subject to rollout. Gear restrictions are still required at all other events including Provincials. At these races, they will all need to comply to the 7.93 meter gear restriction. Second year Cadets with an upgrade to race with the Juniors will also be subject to the same restriction. If a Junior rider has received an upgrade to compete in the Elite category, they will NOT be subject to rollout.