What is BMX?

In simple terms a BMX race can be described as “sprint cycling over a specially prepared dirt race track”. Races are run on tracks which are usually 300-400 meters long and consist of a series of jumps and bumps with banked corners known as “berms”. Riders race each other over one lap with a maximum of eight riders in each race.

Want to get involved?

Our members are drawn from all areas and backgrounds with riders from under five years of age up to forty plus.

They race against riders of their own age or ability group. The people and families involved are usually interested in bikes, competitive sport and the physical and mental health of their children. The sport also prides itself on the ability to offer equal opportunities to both sexes and top class competitive sport to all members. It is common for the whole family to be involved. The family nature gives the race day far more depth and dimension that just a simple race – it is an Event!

What do I need in order to start?

The first step is reaching out to a BMX track that is closest to where you live. Most tracks offer learn to’s or try out sessions.

Ready to Ride or Race?

Even though BMX racing is a fast, exhilarating sport, its safety record is second to none within the cycling sport. At each event, qualified first aid are present. At all events riders are required to wear suitable safety equipment, the details of which are covered in the rules of BMX racing.

For Further enquiries, please contact Provincial BMX Development Coach Brendan Arnold