OC Sanctioned Event:

OCA santioned event

Sanctioned Event

Events sanctioned by OC follow the OC Discipline Guidelines that are reviewed every year by OC Staff, and Discipline Committees and include feedback from members and organizers. Events sanctioned with the OC are required to follow these Guidelines as the safety of OC members is our highest priority.  Any Member of OC holding a valid 2022 Provincial Race License or Ontario UCI License can participate in any OC Sanctioned Event knowing that their membership insurance covers them in case of injury. Always look for the OC Sanctioned by the OC Logo.

Non-Sanctioned Event:

non sanctioned EventIf a 2022 Member of the OC participates in a Non-Sanctioned Event, it needs to be noted that their 2022 OC Membership, whether it is an ACM, Provincial Race License or Ontario issue UCI License insurance, does not cover them at that event.  It is the Members’ responsibility to review the registration of the non-sanctioned event to see what insurance, if any, is provided for the rider.

OC Sanctioned Club Activity:

If you are a holder of a 2022 Associated Club Membership (ACM), your Membership insurance covers you only when you are participating in a Sanctioned Club Activity.  This activity would be provided in advance to the OC on the Club Activity document.  If you have any questions on whether or not your Club Activity is sanctioned with the OC, please contact your club contact directly.

Are you looking for additional insurance for Training Rides/Any Time on Bike?

Any member of the OC with a valid 2022 Membership/License is entered into the pull of OC Membership Insurance. To review the policy in full and other available options, please visit this website.