Rowan’s Law Concussion Safety – Learn to Prevent, Identify and Manage Concussions

As of July 01, 2019, athletes under the age of 26, parents/guardians of athletes under the age of 18, coaches and trainers/soigneurs will be required to confirm each year that they have reviewed Ontario’s new Concussion Awareness Resources and the OCA Concussion Code of Conduct. Officials will also be required to confirm they have reviewed the Ontario Government’s Concussion Awareness.

Registered members under 26 (prior to July 1) will not be required to complete the confirmation process for this season, however all are recommended to review the resources and Concussion Code of Conduct.

All coaches and trainers/soigneurs (along with all new Under 26 registered applicants and parents/legal guardians of those new registered applicants under 18) will be required to confirm they have reviewed the concussion awareness resources. A separate link has been emailed to all clubs and teams and registered coaches to capture agreement and ensure compliance

All individuals participating in any sport or physical activity however should be aware of some of the symptoms of concussions and what to do if you suspect a concussion. To better familiarize yourself, we ask all members to consult the Rowan’s Law Concussion Awareness Resources available through the Ontario Government at:

For any current coaches, team trainers or soigneurs who have not yet confirmed they have reviewed the Ontario Government Concussion Awareness Resources, please visit the link below to do so prior to August 30, 2019.!/events/ontario-cycling-association-concussion-awareness-form-coaches-officials