Return to Sport Update – May 29th, 2020

Hello OCA Members,

Over the past few weeks there has been a number of announcements and news postings from the Provincial Government, Cycling Canada, and Ontario Cycling Association [OCA] relating to “Return to Sport” and specifically cycling. We recognize that some of this messaging created conflicting information and challenges to interpret the types of permissible and/or sanctioned activities.

As clarification:

All cyclists, including OCA Members, are permitted to ride in groups of up to five (5) people [distanced a minimum of 2m apart] as per Ontario Government regulations. These are not sanctioned activities and are therefore not covered by the insurance program provided by the OCA.

Additionally, to help ensure our members understand what is permissible as an OCA sanctioned activity and the protocols to maximize safety, the OCA will provide weekly updates relating to the return to cycling process. While many of the weekly updates may not include any changes, the intent is that they provide members with the confidence that they have the most updated safe cycling information as it relates to OCA and member club activities.

The OCA staff has been working extensively with ministry, health, and legal experts to ensure correct interpretation of the Return to Sport allowances and their implementation within the current provincial restrictions. This week, we were able to obtain clarification on the application of the laws and approval of our required safety guidelines, allowing the OCA to begin the return to cycling process.

Please review the following updates/changes relating to:

  • OCA Sanctioned vs. Non-Sanctioned Activities
  • Permitted Sanctioned Activities
  • Changes to Existing Permitted Sanctioned Activities