OC Return to Sport and Progressive Return to Cycling Guidelines

COVID-19 Protocols & Participant Vaccination

Ontario Cycling (OC) is updating its Return to Cycling progressions in order to align with provincial public health measures.

This includes the lifting of all protective measure requirements previously included in the Ontario Cycling Progressive Return to Cycling.

Public health guidance on the topic continues to evolve and OC may be required to adjust in the future. Ontario Cycling actively encourages vaccination efforts as the best way to protect against severe illness from COVID-19.

Municipalities, communities, territories, private facilities, clubs and organizers, may choose to require proof of vaccination or any other protective measures, in order to access facilities, services or participate in events.

Ontario Cycling recognizes that this is their prerogative, and requires its member clubs, teams and individual participant members to respect and follow any measures put in place in order to participate in cycling activities by either local Public Health Units or private venues and event organizers.

Organizers, clubs, teams, and participants should always consult with their local Public Health Unit to confirm the latest regulations/requirements for the area where the sanctioned event/activity takes place, as local Public Health Units have the right to enforce stronger requirements than the province.

As the situation remains fluid and changes to recommended health measures become available, Ontario Cycling reserves the right to make any necessary changes to these requirements.