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Downhill - Upgrade List 2010/7/04

Mountain Bike Downhill Upgrading List

Updated on Sunday, Jul 04, 2010
May Upgrade | Maximum One Days
  • You must change your license and number plate before you upgrade,
  • Upgrade points earned from last year do not count for towards this years results,
  • See Mountain Bike Upgrade Procedures, Formula & List for additional upgrading information,
  • Please contact the OCA Office for more details,

The following people have gained enough points to upgrade (Best Three >= 260 for Beginners, 275 for Sport, and 290 for Expert)

Ball, Spencer 284.38 in Junior (17-18) Sport
Battiston, Mark 280.26 in Senior (19-29) Sport
Chilton, Deven 278.93 in Cadet (15-16) Sport
Crown, Steven 286.48 in Senior (19-29) Sport
Danyluk, John 277.8 in Master (40+)
Denham, Brandon 285.88 in Junior (17-18) Sport
Duff, Graeme 294.78 in Cadet (15-16) Sport
Eagle, Daniel 276.62 in Senior (19-29) Sport
Finlayson, Adam 292.19 in Senior (19-29) Expert
Frost, James 292.02 in Senior (19-29) Expert
Maxwell, Tyler 275.31 in Junior (17-18) Sport
McLaren, Jon 281.87 in Junior (17-18) Sport
Mead, Josh 282.51 in Master (30-39)
Miller, Jordan 289.46 in Senior (19-29) Sport
Nafziger, Tom 275.52 in Senior (19-29) Sport
Pillarella, Joseph 284.58 in Senior (19-29) Sport
Probst, Matthew 285.8 in Junior (17-18) Sport
Robertson, Mark 277.99 in Junior (17-18) Sport
Siren, Chris 288.17 in Senior (19-29) Sport
Syvret, Ben 286.25 in Junior (17-18) Sport
Tice, Jamie 292.65 in Cadet (15-16) Sport
Toohill, Josh 298.08 in Senior (19-29) Expert
Urtan, Anton 281.9 in Cadet (15-16) Sport
Utter, Graeme 275.01 in Junior (17-18) Sport
Whicher, Jordan 281.76 in Junior (17-18) Sport

The following people have purchased the maximum number of one day licenses - Need full license

Alan, Isaac in Downhill
Armstrong, Jeff in Downhill
Bath, Ryan in Downhill
Born, Chris in Downhill
Bryant, Cam in Downhill
Carleton, Troy in Downhill
Cosgrove, Greg in Downhill
Critikes, Alex in Downhill
De Grace, Jason in Downhill
Easby, Kyle in Downhill
Emond, Vincent in Downhill
Fagnan, Mark in Downhill
Ferguson, Kevin in Downhill
Fink, Sylvester in Downhill
Gibson, Andrew in Downhill
Hope, Tyler in Downhill
Howey-Louter, Lisa in Downhill
Lampman, Michael in Downhill
Leroux, Sebastien in Downhill
MacDonald, Michael in Downhill
McIntosh, Colin in Downhill
Narini, Massimo in Downhill
Nimomo, Mike in Downhill
Noble, Christopher in Downhill
Padua, Sean in Downhill
Parent, Daniel in Downhill
Polson, Anthony in Downhill
Quinn, Matthew in Downhill
Rainey, Warren in Downhill
Reesor, Joel in Downhill
Simmons Cabral, Jason in Downhill
Sinclair, Chris in Downhill
Thomson, Graeme in Downhill
Towell, Carolyn in Downhill
Turner, Brad in Downhill
Vaile, Derek in Downhill
Whitla, Robb in Downhill
Yaroski, Derek in Downhill

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