Provincial Government – Funding Opportunity for OCA Affiliated Not-For-Profit Member Owned Clubs

Eligibility: Not-for-Profit Member Clubs (Affiliated as a not-for-profit member owned club) with the Ontario Cycling Association for the 2021 season (as of May 28, 2021).

Purpose: Funding will support community clubs across the province in sustaining their organization, as well as help them prepare for when sport is able to return safely.

Funding Opportunities: Clubs will be able to apply funding under the below criteria:

Increase in expenses as a result of COVID-19


  1. Must be an Affiliated Cycling Club as per OCA Affiliation process in 2021
  2. Must have reported club member activities in 2020 or 2021
  3. Must explain* costs:
    • Those COVID-19 related expenses that were incurred between May 01, 2020 and May 28, 2021 in order to provide member services/programming.
    • Those COVID-19 related expenses expected to be incurred between May 29, 2021 and August 31, 2021 to be able to provide member services/programming.

Examples of possible expenses include:

  • Cost of Extra Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Ex. PPE purchased for Ride Leaders, volunteers, etc.

  • Cost of additional technology requirements to meet COVID-19 restrictions

Ex. Apps for participant registration/sign-up or screening, Zoom Accounts (Max 1 per club), Virtual Training Accounts (Max 1 per club), etc.

  • Cost of hiring and/or training additional coaches, Ride Leaders, etc. to support smaller group training

Ex. Club paid to have 3 additional Community Initiation Coaches trained to be able to offer youth programming in smaller groups.

  • Cost to bring in expert for member webinar opportunity

Ex. Club paid to have an expert come in to discuss member Mental Health during the pandemic.

* Application must be accompanied by an itemized list of expenses and cost. Expenses over $1000 will require proof of payment. For annual accounts over $1000, proof of total annual payment must be provided. Expenses submitted may not have been used for any other funding programs or grants.

To report expenses, please use the Itemized Expense Form which can be downloaded at the link below.

Expense lists and any receipts must be emailed to [email protected] to be considered.

Amount of funding available will be based on the number of applications received prior to all funds being depleted.

Deadline: All applications must be complete and submitted (with Itemized Expense Form) no later than midnight on Sunday June 20, 2021. Any applications received after this date (or received before but incomplete) will not be considered.

Approval Notice: The OCA will reach out to each applicant to notify them of the status of their request and amount prior to July 02.

Note: As part of the reporting requirements to the Government for this grant, the following information regarding recipient clubs will be provided:

  1. List of sport clubs that received funding
  2. Amount each sport club received
  3. Location of the sport club
  4. Contact Email address for sport club recipient

Application Form

Itemized Expense Form