Podcasts for Cyclists

Whether on a bike ride, relaxing outside in the sun, working around the house or out for a drive, podcasts are great background noise that can provide interesting insights, training tips and entertainment.

We want to thank our members who sent us their recommendations of cycling podcasts they enjoy listening to. Here are a few of their recommendations:

The Slow Ride

These typically hour long episodes are a more comedic look at the cycling world. Hosted by three long-time cyclists who met as bike messengers, the more casual approach to the sport is a nice change. There’s also close to 300 episodes to keep you entertained over the long haul.

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Bike Shop CX

A more technical podcast, episodes range from 45 minutes to an hour and half of shop talk. From episodes focused on bike chains to tires to pitting techniques, this podcasts gets into the mechanical side of cycling while also looking back at past events.

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Cycling Tips Podcast

With four shows to choose from, there’s something for everyone. The Weekly Podcast is your typical chat about cycling, Nerd Alert focuses on cycling tech and gear, From the Top is all about the stories behind cyclists and cycling brands, while Freewheeling focuses specifically on women’s cycling.

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The Fast Talk Podcast

From training tips to sport science and nutrition, this podcast is all about how to be a better cyclist. Episodes feature interviews with athletes, coaches and experts who provide in-depth explanations on the science behind training methods and nutrition. With a long list of podcasts covering a variety of topics, Fast Labs is a great resource for cyclists of all experience levels.

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The Cycling Podcast

A news centric podcast hosted by journalists Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe. These longer length podcasts are focused on cycling news with the hosts providing insight, analysis and background on the biggest news stories. There are also numerous special guests who provide their views on events.

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Lantern Rouge CX Podcasts

These 15-minute long podcasts are great, Canadian focused looks at cycling. Created by Cyclocross team Lantern Rouge, episodes focus on different events such as O-Cups and Batty Cross while providing opinions on hydration, tires and other aspects of cyclocross.

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Looking for more podcasts? Head over to Wide Angle Podium Network for a variety of cycling themed podcasts. Check them out HERE


Here are a few cycling themed podcasts to listen too while going on solo-rides, working out at home, relaxing around the house or going for a drive:

The Consummate Athlete Podcast

Hosted by Molly Hurford and Peter Glassford, this podcast is for multi-sport athletes. Episodes range from 30 minutes to 80 minutes, focusing on interviews with multi-sport athletes and training techniques for doing multiple sports. The most recent episode features marathon runner Liz Warner speaking about her goal to run 30 marathons in 30 countries before she turns 30, as well as the ‘Run to Reach’ campaign to support women-empowerment organizations.

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All Wheels Rolling Podcast

Host Mark Hamilton takes a casual, Ontario-focused look at all forms of cycling. The roughly hour-long episodes feature interviews with local cyclists about their memories of local events and their experiences doing virtual races. The most recent episode features bike shop owner Ashley Brown who talks about the day-to-day operations and women’s cycling.

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Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast

Speaking with athletes, this podcast focuses on cycling stories from around the cycling world. With shorter episodes typically ranging in length from 15-40 minutes, it’s easily digestible. In their most recent episode they speak with Gordon Singleton, Louis Garneau and Steve Bauer about the boycott of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

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Cyclocross Magazine

A much more structured, interview based podcast. Each episode features an interview with a different cyclocross athlete or coach. Lengths vary from 30-60 minutes making the podcast great for home workouts. The last episode features gravel athlete and coach Kristen Legan who talks about the unique aspects of being a gravel coach.

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The GCN Cyclocross Podcast with Jeremy Powers

Only 8 episodes long, this podcast was an in-depth look at cyclocross through interviews with athletes as well as candid conversation from hosts Jeremy and Marty about what makes cyclocross great. Easily digestible, episodes are typically around 40 minutes. In the 2019 season finale podcast Jeremy speaks with Evie Richards about racing at the Zonhoven Superprestige and what got her started in the sport.

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The Bikepack Canada Podcast

Started by the late Canadian Bikepacker Ryan Correy, this long running podcast series features interviews and stories from a variety of guests. Longer than other podcasts, episodes are between 90 minutes and two hours, great for long hikes or other outdoor activities. The latest episode features Arie Hoogerbrugge who speaks about the lessons he has learned so far in the sport as well as how cycling have helped his mental health.

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FasCat Cycling Training Tips Podcast

A more technical podcast focused on advice from cycling coach Frank Overton on how to train for success in cycling. These hour long episodes have everything from food tips, interviews with professional athlete and coaches as well as tips on how to incorporate virtual training. The latest episode is how to track your performance or FTP over time using real world examples.

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The Outspoken Cyclist

Hosted by bike shop owner Diane Jenkins, this long-running podcast features interviews with prominent figures in cycling, cycling news and banter. Jenkins uses her over 35-years of experience in the cycling industry to mix important news and banter on cycling culture. Episodes are around an hour long. The most recent episode features interviews with author of Beyond the Automobile blog, Matt Pinder and the editor-in-chief of Triathlete Magazine Kelly O’Mara.

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Coffee Chatter

Hosts Tory Nyhaug and James Palmer catch up with athletes over a cup of coffee. Longer podcasts that range between one and two hours, they cover things BMX among other sports. The latest episode features French/Columbian BMX racer Vincent Pelluard who talks about switching national teams from Columbia to France, what gears he uses as well as his BMX techniques.

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