Ontario Women’s Cycling Week 2021


This year the OCA will be hosting our 5th annual Ontario Women’s Cycling Week/Ontario Women’s Ride Day from May 31 to June 6 2021Activities to be included are webinars, podcasts and potentially club rides (if allowed).  (All in person activities will be dependent on guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and the Ontario Government in those regions)

This week is dedicated to getting more females on their bike and introducing them to the wonderful benefits of being part of one of the many great organized cycling clubs in Ontario, while also enhancing the experience for those already riding at the local club and team level.

Through out the week share your riding photos by tagging #ONWomensRideDay and #ONWomensCyclingWeek on your social media feeds.

Ontario Women’s Cycling Week 2021 Member Profiles

2021 OWCW Member Profile Danielle MacEachern 2021 OWCW Member Profile Emilee Schevers
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 2021 Member Profile Anne Louise 2021 Member Profile Carys Reid

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May 31 (7-8pm) Webinar with Ottawa Women’s Cycling Club Founders Jen Stephenson & Vicky Thomas and MTB Wild Bettys Founder Melinda Davies Webinar Link to YouTube
June 1 Podcast on Nutrition talk with Anne Guzmann to discuss the intricacies of women’s cycling nutrition and physiology.

Topics include:
What is good nutrition?
Eating for all-day performance
Fad diets
Easy nutrition wins for busy people

Download the Episode + Links for Different Podcast Players

Connect with Anne: https://www.nutritionsolutionsanneguzman.com/

Articles Show Notes, Links & Services: www.ConsummateAthlete.com

Listen on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/3eK9nI1Rmr7o9WvUcwCR2b

Listen on Apple Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/consummate-athlete-podcast/id1100471297

June 2
Webinar on Women’s Wellness for Cyclists—Join a panel of sports medicine professionals and moderator Molly Hurford as we talk about the most common medical issues facing female cyclists, from knee pain to pelvic floor problems to hormone health. We’re talking about everything, so get ready for an information-packed (occasionally funny) evening.

Guest Speakers:

Roz Simpson, Sports Medicine Physician at Cleveland Clinic Canada and avid mountain biker

Laura Powers, Physiotherapist (Pelvic & Orthopedics), Pelvic Floor Specialist at Higher Function Women’s Health in Collingwood

Webinar Link to YouTube


June 3
Webinar on Mental Health for Cyclists—Join a panel of sports psychologists and athletes to talk about the ins and outs of maintaining mental health during challenging times, from race days to bad workouts and everything in between. Attendees will learn some simple skills and tactics for dealing with stress around workouts and racing.

Guest Speakers:

Krista Chandler, PhD, Mental Performance Consultant and Owner of The Mental Link as well as Professor at the University of Windsor

Kayla Buck, MHK, Mental Performance Consultant

Erin Attwell, track racer for Cycling Canada


Webinar Link to YouTube

GIVEAWAY!!!! – Everyone who registers and participates in an Ontario Women’s Cycling Week webinar will be sent a pair of custom designed cycling socks. (while supplies last)

Please free to contact us via email for more information[email protected]

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