Ontario Cycling – Strategic Plan (2020) Announcement

This is the 7th year the Ontario Cycling Association Board of Directors has been engaged in strategic planning. It began with a Vision and Mission, and has progressed since then to long term planning through the creation of specific Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) focused strategic goals, executed through sound operational planning, with measureable results monitored by the Board and CEO. In 2013/14, the Board engaged Rose Mercier to assist in the strategic planning process. This added another level of improved complexity, created alignment with processes used by Cycling Canada, our National Governing Body, and took the horizon of the Ontario Cycling Association’s Strategic Plan out to 2020.The following document is used as the foundation of the Annual Operational Plan of the Ontario Cycling Association, which is approved and its progress monitored by the Board and CEO to ensure strategic goals are being met throughout the year.This Strategic Plan is a living document intended to guide the Board and staff. It will be reviewed annually, and amended as necessary by the Board of Directors to ensure goals are achievable.CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Strategic Plan.