The Benefits of OCA Affiliation

Want to be part of a thriving province of cycling clubs, events and enthusiasts? OCA Member Club or Associate Business Member Affiliation may be for you and your organization. Some of the many benefits include:


  • Listing on OCA Website Club Directory

Affiliated Clubs & Teams will have a public profile listed on the OCA website along with up to four sponsors of the organization.

  • Club/Team Acknowledgement on Memberships and Results

Affiliated Clubs and Teams will be listed on OCA memberships and in results for OCA sanctioned events.

  • Ability to Have Own Custom Jerseys

Clubs & Teams will be able to have their own custom jersey worn during activities and OCA sanctioned events (subject to OCA approval). Multiple jerseys are eligible but not in the same category at sanctioned events.

Jerseys cannot mirror the Team Ontario or Provincial Champion cycling jersey

  • Ability to Host Club Try-out Opportunities for Non-Members (Clubs Only)

As part of the OCA’s Club Try-out program, Clubs will be able to host pre-organized Club Try-out opportunities for individuals looking to try-out the Club prior to joining.

Insurance Protection

  • Access to OCA General Liability Insurance Coverage for registered Club/Team Activities

Affiliated Clubs & Teams have access to the Participating Provincial Association arranged General Liability Insurance and Sport Accident Coverage Program for its OCA registered and approved Club or Team activities.

  • OCA Member Access to OCA General Liability Insurance & Sport Accident Coverage for Sanctioned Activities and Provincial Events

All OCA memberships (General Membership excluded) provide members access to the OCA’s General Liability and Sport Accident Coverage Program during sanctioned activities and provincial events.

  • Access to Preferred Rates on Directors & Officers Insurance Coverage

Clubs will have the ability to purchase Directors & Officers Insurance Coverage from the OCA’s insurance provider Gallagher Insurance at a preferred rate.

Development Opportunities, Knowledge Sharing & Input 

  • Access to OCA Club Development & Excellence Summit

Held annually, the Summit is a way for Clubs to come together to both learn about and discuss important items affecting the cycling landscape in the province.

  • Access to Exclusive OCA Affiliated Club & Team Webinar Opportunities

Throughout the season, Clubs and Teams will have access to numerous OCA organized webinar opportunities that may impact their organization or group.

  • Access to OCA Ride Leader Training and Coaching Courses

OCA Affiliated Clubs are eligible to host (or send attendees) to OCA Ride Leader Training or Coaching Courses. Those Clubs interested in either hosting one of these courses or sending a member should contact the OCA office.

  • Voting Rights at the OCA Annual General Meeting

Member Owned Clubs with a minimum of five Individual Members (as per the OCA bylaws & Membership Policy) are eligible for one vote on behalf of the Club at the OCA Annual Meeting.

  • Access to OCA Staff for questions related to your Club/Team

Monday to Friday access to OCA staff to help you with any questions or concerns you have regarding activities, insurance, policies, coaching, events, etc.


Member Benefits

  • OCA Member Access to Discounts with OCA Member Benefit Partners

All OCA Members receive access to preferred member pricing and discounts with any of the OCA’s Member Benefit Partners.

2022 Types of Associate Member Clubs:


Non-Profit Member Owned Club

An OCA Associate Member Club must have an open membership, operate as a non-profit organization with an elected Board of Directors, and have bylaws and policies in place. It is a member owned Club (i.e. A Board runs the affairs of the Club, with the members deciding who should sit on that Board). Each member must have a membership with the OCA for the season in question (See below for accepted membership types). Affiliated Clubs can host both rides as well as some Club only competitive events including Time Trials. For more information on what events are permitted, please see the Club Affiliation Package.

OCA Individual Membership Requirements: Associate Club Member, Provincial Racing License, UCI License

2022 Types of Associate Business Members:


Private Club/Group

A group that has policies in place (and possibly bylaws or a constitution) however is owned by a single group, business or individual. Private Clubs/Groups are not necessarily owned by members. The group can have a Board structure in place however it generally sets its own rules for membership. The benefit of this affiliation is the ability to shape your club with people you are comfortable with. It is especially ideal for bicycle shops who want to run ride programming but want to ensure the business name is still controlled by the owner of the shop. It is also an ideal setup for those looking to start a club for the first time but who are unsure of the long-term viability of the group.

Private Clubs/Groups will have the same requirements as Member Owned Clubs and Private Racing Teams when running activities under the core insurance program, and must have certain policies in place for affiliation to be granted.

OCA Individual Membership Requirements: Associate Club Member, Provincial Racing License, UCI License


Private Race Team

A Private Race Team may have a selective membership, and can be owned by own by an individual or group. Incorporation for Private Race Teams is still recommended (as it is for Non-Profit Clubs) but not a requirement. The benefit of the Private Race Team is the ability to shape a team to your liking and interest level. Generally members of a Private Race Team are friends, or under contract to the Team for the purposes of training, racing, and promoting the team brand. Private Race Teams may get some benefits at various races including exclusive access to areas not open to Clubs.

Teams may also be covered for certain training/team activities (similar to Club activities) if previously recorded and approved by the OCA.

OCA Individual Membership Requirements: Provincial Racing License, UCI License


Supporting Business

A business can affiliate as a Supporting Business of the OCA and sponsor up to 4 athletes for participation in events at a lower fee than what is paid for a Private Team. A Supporting Business receives the same exposure benefits as a Private Race Team or Club including having their name in event results and having the ability to advertise on the team jersey, however are not covered for team training activities/group rides like a Club or Private Team would.

OCA Individual Membership Requirements: Provincial Racing License, UCI License