The Benefits of Affiliating

  • Gain access for both the club and its members to the Participating Provincial Association Insurance Program (Comprehensive General Liability and Sport Accident Coverage) during OCA sanctioned events and OCA sanctioned/approved club activities.
  • Get access to Directors and Officers Insurance Coverage at a preferred rate through.
  • Ability to attend the annual Club Development & Excellence Summit, coordinated by the OCA.
  • Gain exposure on the OCA website by having the club or team listed on the club/team directory as well as on sanctioned event results.
  • Gain even further exposure by having the ability to wear a custom jersey in OCA Sanctioned Events, and to have your club/team name listed on memberships and on event results.
  • Ability to access OCA support in delivering programming, developing athletes, event promotion, and delivering coaching and officiating courses.
  • Knowing you are supporting and contributing to the OCA, and by association Cycling Canada, in delivering high performance and talent identification programming including Team Ontario, which feeds the Team Canada program.
  • Receive exclusive access to OCA Affiliated Club webinar opportunities
  • Contribute and have access to subsidized programming targeting youth members
  • Access to Discounts with OCA Member Benefit Partners
  • Ability to have one vote in the name of the club at the OCA’s AGM (subject to OCA bylaw eligibility)

Types of Clubs/Teams:

  1. Not-For-Profit Club
    An OCA club must have an open membership, and operate as a non-profit organization with an elected Board of Directors. With any club, it is member owned (i.e. A Board runs the affairs of the club, but the members ultimately make the decision on who is eligible for the Board). Each member must have memberships through the OCA in the form of either an OCA Affiliate Club Membership, OCA Citizen Permit, or an OCA issued UCI Licence. Affiliated clubs can run both rides as well as some club only competitive events including Time Trials. For more information on what events are permitted, please see the Club Affiliation Package.
  2. Private Team
    A Private Team may have a selective membership, and can be owned by own by an individual or group. Incorporation for Private Teams is still recommended (as it is for Not-For-Profit Clubs). All team members must possess either an OCA issued Citizen Permit or UCI Licence. Private Teams members cannot hold OCA Affiliate Club Memberships. Private Teams may get some benefits at various races including exclusive access to areas not open to clubs.
    Teams may also be covered for certain training/team activities (similar to club activities) if previously recorded and approved by the OCA.
  3. Supporting business
    A business can register as a supporting affiliate of the OCA and sponsor up to 3 athletes for a lower fee than what is paid for a club or private team. All supported team members must possess either a UCI Licence or Citizen Permit. The supporting business receives the benefit of being visible in results, and the ability to advertise on the team jersey. Unfortunately, Supporting Businesses will not be covered for training activities/group rides as the low number of members makes it difficult to successfully implement a well prepared Risk Management Plan.