2021 Club Affiliation Package

Looking to affiliate your club for the 2021 season? If so, be sure to read all the rules and requirements to become an OCA club in the Club Affiliation Package.  Download : Updated November 18, 2020

2021 Club and Team Activity Guidelines

The 2021 Club and Team Activity Guidelines outline all the acceptable activities for clubs and teams (outside of sanctioned events) and the requirements to both organize, host and participate in these activities. This document is part of each of the Club and Team Affiliation Packages and is required to be read and followed for affiliation to remain valid.   Download : Updated November 21, 2020

2021 Liquor Liability Application

To be filled out for any event (club event) that may have an additional liquor component. Note an extra charge will be levied for these certificates.  Download : Updated February 12, 2021

2021 Private Team/Supporting Business Affiliation Package

Looking to affiliate a private team or supporting business team with the OCA for the 2020 season? If so, make sure you understand all the rules and requirements.   Download : Updated November 18, 2020

2021 Sport Injury Report Form – Fillable

Sport Injury Report Form - Fillable PDF Version   Download : Updated November 19, 2020

Club Activities Reporting Worksheet – 2021

Club Activities Reporting Worksheet to report activities for 2021 season. Be sure to read Instructions Page prior to completing your activities pages.   Download : Updated October 23, 2020

Club Application for Certificate of Insurance: Club Members Only Activity and Additional Insured

Use this form if you are being requested by an outside organization to supply a copy of an insurance certificate with them named as additional insured or to provide proof of coverage. This form will need to be filled out and emailed to the Ontario Cycling Association so that an insurance certificate can be obtained.  Download : Updated September 16, 2021

Club Member Reporting Spreadsheet

This reporting spreadsheet should be used by clubs without a CCN Registration setup to report their members to the OCA. The Final Member list for 2021 is due by November 10, 2021.   Download : Updated November 12, 2020

Club Try-Out Program Package

  Download : Updated September 15, 2021

Club Waiver – 18 Years of Age and older

This waiver should be signed by anyone who has not submitted an online waiver to the OCA or who is participating in a try-out activity with the club. Note: Youth Members under 18 years of age should use the Under 18 Youth waiver as it requires parental consent. All youth members must submit a signed (by parent and/or guardian) waiver to the OCA before they can participate in ANY club activities.   Download : Updated February 25, 2021

Club Waiver – Under 18 (Youth) Waiver

Note: Youth Members under 18 years of age MUST USE this waiver as it requires parental/legal guardian consent. All youth members must submit a signed (by parent and/or guardian) waiver to the OCA before they can participate in ANY club or event activities. Those youth participating in OCA approved Club Try-Out Activities may complete the waiver and provide it to their club but will be required to submit a new waiver to the OCA directly should they obtain a membership.   Download : Updated February 25, 2021

Community Sport Club Funding Grant (2021) – Itemized Expense List

Use this list to provide a list of your expenses incurred as a result of COVID-19 and submit with your application.   Download : Updated September 16, 2021

Cyclist Responsibility Code – MUST READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING

All clubs are encouraged to download and print this banner for use at their activities or venues. It is a print ready PDF file that all printers will be able to work with. In order to use the banner, you must adhere to the following conditions:
1) Must be printed in colour
2) Can not be altered or added to in any way
3) Should attempt to size as close to 3' by 4' as possible
4) It must not be smaller than 24 x 32
By downloading the attached document you are agreeing to the conditions outlined above.  Download : Updated October 22, 2015

Example Club Ride Guidelines

Links to Example Club Ride Guidelines - Last Updated Nov 11   Download : Updated November 11, 2020

Highway Traffic Act Slideshow (From 2014)

The slideshow presentation by Sasha Gollish (Morning Glory CC) from the 2014 Club Presidents/Team Managers Meeting. Please note some items may be out of date. Refer to updated Highway Traffic Act for most up to date information.  Download : Updated February 13, 2020

Private Team Activities Reporting Worksheet – 2021

Reporting worksheet for Private Teams looking to run Team Member Only activities in 2021. Be sure to read the instructions page prior to listing your team activities on the relevant worksheet. A reminder, for any activities to be approved a detailed Risk Management Plan and Ride Guidelines document is required.  Download : Updated October 23, 2020

Provincial Ride Guidelines for Club Rides

A Provincial Ride Guidelines document created by Sasha Gollish. Clubs are asked to take a look at this general document and consider the various points when having their club activities.   Download : Updated October 22, 2015

Risk Management Presentation 2013

Slideshow Presentation delivered by Sport Law and Strategy Group on Negligence, Risk Management, Incorporation and Operating a Club  Download : Updated November 10, 2017

Team Roster Form

To be filled out by OCA Supporting Business Teams or Private Teams listing individuals who are members of the team.   Download : Updated November 11, 2020

2020 Youth Upgrade Request Policy and Request Form (Track)

Youth Track Upgrade Policy and Application Form - Make note of cut-off dates for request  Download : Updated November 29, 2019