Club /Team Affiliation Package

OCA clubs and teams are required to affiliate annually. Prior to affiliating, it is important to read the complete Club or Private Team/Supporting Business Affiliation Package as once the affiliation is processed, the club or team must abide by the terms and conditions in this document.

Affiliation Application

Once the Club/Team Affiliation Package document has been reviewed and understood, the club/team can complete their affiliation application on-line.

The main responsibilities of an OCA club include the following:

  • Maintaining an active Board of Directors as elected by the members of the club and hold an annual AGM
  • Having an open membership
  • Maintain its not-for-profit status
  • Reporting of the club’s membership to the OCA as requested
  • Ensuring all members have sufficient insurance coverage to participate in club activities through the purchase of an OCA Membership for that calendar year’s Club Activities.
  • Ensuring members show proof of OCA Membership (Affiliate Club Membership, Citizen Permit or UCI Licence) at all club activities
  • Ensuring the club has adequate bylaws, policies and guidelines that are transferable from one executive to the next.
  • Ensuring club members are aware of all policies and rules of the club and follow these rules
  • Providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for members at both social activities, rides and club member events.
  • Ensure that all coaches, club personnel, chaperones and volunteers adhere to the guidelines set by the Responsible Coaching Movement.

Other important documents can be found at the Club Forms and Literature section including:

  • Club Try Out Program Information
  • OCA Sport Injury Report Form
  • Certificate of Insurance Request Form
  • Member Waivers
  • Provincial Ride Guidelines
  • Risk Management Slideshow

If you have other questions on the affiliation process or how to get started, please contact the OCA office.