Ontario Athletes Shine at U17/JR/Para Canadian Track Championships

Long awaited racing was back over the weekend where Ontario U17, Jr and Para track athletes had the opportunity to participate in the 2021 Canadian Track Championships at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton, ON.  After a hiatus of over a year and a half Ontario athletes did not disappoint. The three day event was composed of 46 events with Ontario riders collecting 67/122 medals.  On day 1, 2021 Junior Track World Champions, Carson Mattern [Scratch Race] and Dylan Bibic [Points Race] took turns breaking the Canadian Junior Individual Pursuit Record, which was ultimately claimed by Dylan with a time of 3:12.34.  Dylan’s success didn’t stop there, capturing gold in all 10 events, an accomplishment which will be challenging to match.  Ontario also saw impressive performances by Nicole Bradbury taking home five gold medals in her final year competing as a junior and Ashlin Barry [U17] claiming four gold medals competing in his first Canadian Track Championship.

Congratulation to all Ontario athletes and coaches for their outstanding performances.

Ontario Athlete Results: 

U17 Women 

  • Nora Linton: 1st U17 Women Sprint, 1st U17 Women Team Sprint, 2nd U17 Women Pursuit, 2nd U17 Women Team Pursuit 
  • Anika Brants: 1st U17 Women Scratch Race,1st U17 Women Team Sprint,2nd U17 Women  Keirin, 2nd U17 Women Team Pursuit, 2nd U17 Women 500m Time Trial, 3rd U17 Women Points Race 
  • Vanessa Montrichard: 1st U17 Women Elimination Race, 1st U17 Women Team Pursuit 
  • Sophie Bradbury: 1st U17 Women Team Pursuit, 3rd U17 Women Team Sprint 
  • Coryn Baker: 1st U17 Women Team Sprint, 2nd U17 Women Team Pursuit 
  • Taylor Tompkins: 2nd U17 Women Team Sprint, 2nd U17 Women Team Pursuit, 3rd Junior Women Madison 
  • Ellie Dowling: 3rd U17 Women Team Pursuit 
  • Samantha Fangeat: 3rd U17 Women Team Pursuit 
  • Larissa Pedersen: 3rd U17 Women Team Pursuit 
  • Cyrena Hill*: 3rd U17 Women Team Pursuit 

U17 Men 

  • Charles Bergeron: 1st U17 Men Pursuit,1st U17 Men Team Pursuit, 2nd U17 Men Keirin , 2nd U17 Men Elimination Race, 3rd U17 Men Scratch Race, 3rd U17 Men Points Race 
  • Ashlin Barry: 1st U17 Men Keirin, 1st U17 Men Scratch Race, 1st U17 Men Elimination Race, 1st U17 Men Team Sprint, 2nd U17 Men Points Race, 2nd U17 Men Team Pursuit, 3rd U17 Men Sprint 
  • Cole Dempster: 1st U17 Men Sprint, 1st U17 Men 500m Time Trial, 2nd U17 Men Team Sprint, 3rd U17 Men Keirin  
  • Hudson Lubbers: 1st U17 Men Team Sprint, 2nd U17 Men Team Pursuit, 3rd U17 Men Elimination Race 
  • Joshua Cooper:1st U17 Men Team Pursuit 
  • Nathan Martin: 1st U17 Men Team Pursuit, 1st U17 Men Team Sprint 
  • Thomas Sierra: 2nd U17 Men Team Pursuit 
  • Adam Znamierowski: 2nd U17 Men Team Pursuit 
  • Lucas Goertz: 3rd U17 Men Team Pursuit, 3rd U17 Men Team Sprint 
  • Jayden McMullen: 3rd U17 Men Team Pursuit 
  • Ethan Powell: 3rd U17 Men Team Pursuit, 3rd U17 Men Team Sprint 
  • Hayden Van Daele: 2nd U17 Men Team Sprint, 3rd U17 Men Team Pursuit 
  • Eric Ogryzlo: 2nd U17 Men Team Sprint 
  • Albert Taylor: 3rd U17 Men Team Sprint 

Junior Women 

  • Nicole Bradbury: 1st Junior Women Pursuit, 1st Junior Women Scratch Race, 1st Junior Women Elimination Race, 1st Junior Women Team Pursuit, 1st Junior Women Madison, 2nd Junior Women Team Sprint, 2nd Junior Women 500m Time Trial, 3rd Junior Women Scratch Race 
  • Kiara Lylyk: 1st Junior Women Madison, 2nd Junior Women Team Pursuit, 2nd Junior Women Scratch Race,3rd Junior Women Keirin, 3rd Junior Women Elimination Race 
  • Dylan Baker: 1st Junior Women Team Pursuit, 2nd Junior Women Team Sprint, 2nd Junior Women Madison, 3rd Junior Women Sprint 
  • Mackenzie Watson: 2nd Junior Women Team Pursuit, 3rd Junior Women Madison 

Junior Men 

  • Dylan Bibic: 1st Junior Men Pursuit, 1st Junior Men Keirin, 1st Junior Men Scratch Race, 1st Junior Men Points Race, 1st Junior Men Elimination Race, 1st Junior Men Sprint, 1st Junior Men Team Pursuit, 1st Junior Men Team Sprint, 1st Junior Men Kilo Time Trial, 1st Junior Men Madison 
  • Carson Mattern: 1st Junior Men Team Pursuit, 1st Junior Men Team Sprint, 2nd Junior Men Pursuit, 2nd Junior Men Points Race, 2nd Junior Men Kilo Time Trial, 2nd Junior Men Madison, 3rd Junior Men Elimination Race 
  • Michael Leonard: 1st Junior Men Team Pursuit, 2nd Junior Men Team Sprint, 2nd Junior Men Scratch Race, 2nd Junior Men Elimination Race, 2nd Junior Men Madison, 3rd Junior Men Pursuit, 3rd Junior Men Points Race 
  • David Olejniczak: 1st Junior Men Team Pursuit, 2nd Junior Men Team Sprint, 3rd Junior Men Madison 
  • Tyler Rorke: 1st Junior Men Team Sprint, 2nd Junior Men Sprint, 3rd Junior Men Keirin, 3rd Junior Men Kilo Time Trial 
  • Theo DeGroote: 3rd Junior Men Scratch Race 
  • Gavin Hadfield: 2nd Junior Men Team Sprint, 3rd Junior Men Madison 
  • Wesley Hill*: 2nd Junior Men Points Race, 3rd Junior Men Scratch Race

*Not eligible for National Title due to citizenship