OIRRS Race #5 Update and Race #4 Recap

Last week saw riders race the fun and challenging ‘Sand and Sequoias’ course which started with a flat desert section and a forest section that featured some moderate climbs. The race went smoothly with all categories having separated starts.

While the beautiful weather outside saw the number of OCA registered riders dip to 110, there were plenty of other riders who took part. In total the race saw 450 people start the race which made for a full racing field and more groups being formed.

It was the second week with points added to give riders something to strive for. The race also saw organizer Andrew Paradowski from ARC Event Management livestream the event via YouTube which you can watch HERE

The addition of the points and commentary gave parents and spouses who were watching some excitement.

For Full Race Standings: OCA IRRS Series Points

For Timed Results from Race #4: Click Here

For Race #5 anyone who wants to race must register HERE by 6:00pm on Friday May 29th. This allows us to create start lists and finalize results. While racers are allowed to take part in the race without registering, their results will not be captured by the OCA.

As a change of pace, Race #5 has been set up as a mountain bike course.

It’s recommended that in order to have the best results for this course, racers should switch their Zwift avatar to the ‘Mountain’ wheelset. More information on wheels and rolling resistance can be found HERE

Racers are also reminded to modify their Zwift username to include their category code so everyone knows what category they are racing during the event. If youth or women racers wish to participate in a category outside of the ‘D’ or ‘E’ category respectively, please contact the organizer prior to registering.

Here is a complete list of categories with their accompanying codes:

Tech Guide: OCA Indoor Road Race Series Tech Guide v1.0 

This week the event will be livestreamed on YouTube: HERE

For Full Details: https://ontariocycling.org/event/oca-indoor-road-race-series-race-5/