OCA Officials Committee – Vacancy

OC is currently seeking candidates to fill the position of General Member, on the OCA Officials Committee. The General Member position is a two-year term. Eligible applicants include OC licensed officials/commissaires, coaches, or athletes.

Interested applicants are asked to submit a short bio and resume stating your experience by Monday, March 4th 2019 to [email protected].

OC Officials Committee’s mandate is to act as an advisory committee that supports the organization, development, evaluation, and assignments of officials in Ontario. The committee is comprised of five (5) members which include:

  1. Lead – assigned OC staff member
  2. Road Lead Commissaire
  3. Off-Road Lead Commissaire
  4. Track Lead Commissaire
  5. General Member

Members of the committee are accountable to the CEO for carrying out its mandate in a way that contributes to the achievement of goals set out in the strategic plan, is consistent with organizational values, and policies, and falls within the approved annual budget.

Roles of the committee include:

  • Assist in the planning for the ongoing recruitment and development of Officials.
  • Review UCI/CC rule changes and recommend appropriate Provincial rule changes.
  • Enforce applicable standards for OC sanctioned events.
  • Develop program guidelines and procedures related to the development, assignment, and evaluation of officials.
  • Form and participate on advisory sub-committees to work on specific aspects of the Committee’s mandate.

For more information on the OC Official Committee please refer to the attached Operational Policy.