OCA Proud to announce Dual-Membership Partnership with Triathlon Ontario

The Ontario Cycling Association(OCA) is proud to announce a membership discount partnership with Triathlon Ontario for the 2018 season.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Triathlon Ontario will offer a $10 (Adult) or $5 (Youth/Junior) discount on 2018 annual Triathlon Ontario memberships to existing 2018 Ontario Cycling Association members*. In return, a $10 discount on 2018 annual Ontario Cycling Association will be available to existing 2018 Triathlon Ontario members*.

“This is a great opportunity for members of both organizations to enhance not only their athletic prowess but also their social networks by being able to participate across the province in a number of sporting activities that will best help them achieve their sporting goals,” said Jim Crosscombe, CEO at the Ontario Cycling Association.

Both organizations currently use the CCN Bikes registration platform for all of their membership applications and as a result, if you currently have a valid Triathlon Ontario or OCA membership, you will automatically receive the discount applied at the checkout when purchasing the second membership. Note you must be a member with one organization first to be eligible for the discount on the second membership.

“There is a national cross over for cyclists and multisport athletes to train and race in each other’s disciplines,” said Phil Dale, Triathlon Ontario Executive Director. “We believe there are numerous benefits for participants in both sports to get more involved in each other’s clubs and environments. We hope both of our memberships will take advantage of this incentive program and explore and expand their sporting passions.”

*Discount eligibility starts on memberships purchased after April 18, 2018. Individuals must have a current (valid) Triathlon Ontario Membership or Ontario Cycling Association Membership for the 2018 season to be eligible.