OCA Announces New Athlete Development Initiatives to Start Off 2021

The Ontario Cycling Association will be launching some new initiatives to start off 2021, with the aim to develop, support and educate aspiring Ontario athletes.

The Ontario Cycling Association will be launching a BMX High Performance Program for 2021 with the focus on developing athletes for success at National Championships, Canada Cups, and progression through to Team Canada selection.

The program will run from mid-January to September utilizing indoor training facilities [i.e. JoyRide150] during the winter months and a variety of outdoor tracks during the spring/summer with emphasis on the Pan Am BMX Track.



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The Para-Cycling Program will be launching with multiple streams to support athletes at different stages of development.  The program will aim to create core group(s) of athletes in order to foster a supportive and positive training environment.




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Through the work of Cycling Canada coaches and Canadian Sport Institute Ontario sport science practitioners, a comprehensive athlete behaviours and off-bike skill set has been identified for athletes at three different stages of the performance pathway [Development, NextGen, Elite]. These behaviours reflect those required for long-term athletic success at higher levels and provides the foundation to build yourself into a better athlete.

The OCA is excited to offer the opportunity for athletes to pilot the inaugural Athlete Education Program – Level 1 Certification.  This program provides athletes with the foundational knowledge and skills to train effectively.  Athletes will learn key nutrition, strength and conditioning, and mental performance principles and be challenged to implement them into their training routines.  Education on the characteristics of a high performance cyclists will be explained as well as the training loads and capacity required to achieve those characteristics.

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