OCA 2020 Membership – NOW LIVE!!!

The 2020 Membership Season Is Upon Us

Below you will find the link to register for your 2020 Ontario Cycling Association membership. A reminder that at this early point in the process, many clubs/teams for 2020 have not yet affiliated. If your club/team is not affiliated, please be sure to contact them to ensure they do this as soon as they have all the items ready for affiliation.

Anyone who’s club/team is not affiliated for 2020 can have their membership processed as Independent and then updated at a later date when the club/team has finalized their affiliation. Note if you ordered a digital copy of your licence, there will not be a charge for this however if you ordered a UCI Licence print card, a $10 charge will be applicable for reprocessing and printing of the new card.

A reminder for those purchasing a UCI Licence, your licence category is based on 2 factors:

  1. The category you previously had on your last UCI Race Licence with the Ontario Cycling Association
  2. The category you may have qualified to race based on 2019 results.

To confirm if you are eligible for an upgrade, please consult the relevant sport Upgrade List (posted in the results section of our website). Anyone who is looking to upgrade and did not automatically qualify for this (or who is looking to downgrade) will need to submit a formal request for this. Request forms can be found in the Forms and Literature Section.

Finally that OCA Membership processing times are generally 1-2 weeks for Citizen Permits, UCI Licences and General Membership if there are no outstanding issues. Any issues with the application (or office closures) may delay this time frame slightly.


OCA Office Holiday Closure

Finally with the holiday season just around the corner, a reminder that the OCA office is closed between December 24 and January 01. During this time no Citizen Permit, UCI or General Membership applications will be processed. The office will re-open on January 02 and we will be processing membership applications at that point.

If you are planning on racing at the NCIM race night on January 04, 2020, please indicate this in the Additional Comments section of your membership application.