New 2022 Ontario Cycling Association Membership Structure Announced

What we did and learned in 2021

The OCA implemented several membership initiatives for the 2021 season to help re-start cycling following the 2020 shutdown. These included providing individual membership and club/team affiliation credits and permitting the use of Citizen Permits at all provincial level racing including Ontario Cup Series and Provincial Championships.  During the information gathering done through the development of the strategic plan,  there was a common theme which kept arising – which was to increase the efficiency of our membership structure to increase opportunities for participation in Ontario hosted events, and provide increased support for event organizers.

What changes are piloting in 2022

As a result of feedback, the OCA has decided to pilot a new membership format for 2022.  The most significant change will be the replacement of the Citizen Permit with a Provincial Race License.  This license will allow participation at all provincially hosted events including Ontario Cup Series and Provincial Championships, but you will still be required to have a UCI License for all National and International sanctioned events/categories held in Ontario.  The intention for this change is to reduce the costs for those who only race provincially increase the pool of eligible racers to attend Ontario events to help support organizers, and increase the efficiency of the OCA membership structure with the purpose of increasing alignment with other provinces.

Highlights of 2022 Membership Changes 

  • Citizen Permits” will be replaced by a “Provincial Race License” allowing holders to have full access to all Ontario hosted events including Track OCups
  • Affiliated Club Membership” will be replaced in name only by “Associate Club Membership” but permissions will remain unchanged
  • Provincial Race Licenses will have an increased cost over Citizen Permits [~$5.00 for Youth, ~$24.00 for Adults].  However, this will reduce costs associated with the previous requirement of holding a UCI License for provincial events [savings of up to $115.00 depending on license type]
  • UCI Licenses will no longer have a required $30.00 Track add-on cost to participate in track events. This is now included with the purchase of a UCI Road/MTB/CX/Track License
  • Technical UCI License holders (Coach, Commissaires, Manager, Soigneur, etc.) who do not require a UCI Race License but would like to race in Ontario, can add a Provincial Race License to an existing Technical License for the cost of $15.00
  • Membership pilot will be in place for 2022 and reviewed prior to the 2023 season
  • As before with the Citizen Permit, anyone looking to upgrade from a Provincial Race License to a UCI Race License would only be required to pay the difference in cost when upgrading. This can be done directly through your CCN Bikes account when purchasing the UCI Race License.

2022 registration is open 🔗 2022 OCA Membership , if you are looking to add a club to your license that club is required to have completed their 2022 Club Affiliation and for the data to be reviewed and uploaded to CCN before it may be added to license.  Note: the OCA office is closed for the holidays from Monday December 20th at 5pm and will re open on Monday January 3rd at 9:00am.  During that time no rush processing of license will be available.  Processing of licenses during peak periods takes between 1-2 weeks.