2019 MTB Category Licence Chart

This chart is designed to help pick a category as well as help all riders determine which kind of membership is required to participate in their categories. Riders who still have questions about categories after reading these charts should contact the OCA office.


Racing AGE
Squirt Girls/Boys 9-10 XMU13 or XWU13 All
U13 Citizen Girls/Boys 11-12 XMU13 or XWU13 Novice
U17 Citizen Girls/Boys 13-16 XMU15 or XWU15 Novice
U13 Peewee Girls/Boys 11-12 XMU13 or XWU13 Intermediate – Advanced
U15 Minime Girls/Boys 13-14 XMU15 or XWU15 Intermediate – Advanced
U17/Junior Sport Girls* 15-18 XWU17.S or XWJ.S Intermediate
U17 Sport Boys* 15-16 XMU17.S Intermediate
Master 50-59 Sport Men* 50-59 XMMC.S Novice – Intermediate
Master 60+ Men* 60+ XMMD All
19-34 Sport Women* 19-34 XWE.S or XWU23.S or XWMA.S Novice – Intermediate
35-49 Sport Women* 35-49 XWMA.S or XWMB.S Novice – Intermediate
Master 50+ Women* 50+ XWMC.S All
Citizen Men/Women* 17+ No code on UCI Novice
Junior Sport Men 17-18 XMJ.S Novice – Intermediate
Senior Sport Men 19+ XME.S or XMU23.S Novice – Intermediate
Master 30-39 Sport Men 30-39 XMMA.S Novice – Intermediate
Master 40-49 Sport Men* 40-49 XMMB.S Novice – Intermediate
U17 Expert Women 15-16 XWU17.E Advanced
Senior Expert Women 19+ XWU23.E or XWE.E Advanced
Master 30-39 Expert Women 30-39 XWMA.E Advanced
Master 40+ Expert Women 40+ XWMB.E Advanced
Master 50+ Expert Women 50+ XWMC.S Advanced
Junior Expert Women 17-18 XWJ.E Advanced
Elite Women 19+ XWE or XWU23 Elite
U17 Expert Men 15-16 XMU17.E Advanced
Junior Expert Men 17-18 XMJ.E Advanced
Elite Men 19+ XME or XMU23 Elite
Senior Expert Men 19+ XME.E or XMU23.E Advanced
Master 30-39 Expert Men 30-39 XMMA.E Advanced
Master 40-49 Expert Men 40-49 XMMB.E Advanced
Master 50+ Expert Men 50+ XMMC.E Advanced

*New members MUST select an entry level/novice category unless they have a previous race licence with another cycling body (proof of this is required before a licence will be granted).