Message from the Board

From the Board Room

During our most recent Board meeting, director Sasha Gollish informed us of her decision to resign from her role.  Some may be aware that Sasha is an accomplished runner with a goal of representing Canada in the upcoming Pan-AM games as well as making final selection for Rio 2016. Her decision to leave the board allows her to focus on her athletic goals and having set another PB this past weekend we wish her nothing but success. The Board is extremely thankful for her expertise and contributions during her term and will remain in contact should we have any civil engineering or Hwy Traffic Act issues to deal with in the future.

Sasha’s news was followed with some exciting news for our board.  We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Gilligan.  Mark’s appointment is effective immediately and he will serve for the remainder of Sasha’s term.   Over the past 12 months Mark has been working with the board to help communicate our vision and strategic plan more effectively.  He is a great addition to our team and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with him.


Please join us in wishing Sasha future success in her running and welcoming Mark!