Memo from Cycling Canada – Bidding Submission deadlines 2022-2023 CC/UCI Events

The purpose of this memo is to make all of our partners aware of the bidding submission deadlines for 2022-2023 CC/UCI events.  All the information concerning event applications are currently available on Cycling Canada’s website in each cycling sport’s event organizers-bidding page: Cycling Canada Event Organizer Bidding Information
The Events Committee will meet in early April and again in early October to analyze all of the applications for the following events:

2022/2023 Event Bidding Deadlines

2022 XC Canada Cup Event Selection Criteria

*Deadlines for major UCI events such as World Cups, World Championships have early bidding deadlines. Please contact the CC for more information regarding major event bids.
** For more details on Road Championships letter of intent, contact the CC office.

We hope by providing this information in advance, it will assist you in discussing upcoming events with potential organizers and for the organizers to submit a full bidding package to the event committee by the deadlines listed above.

For questions please contact Josh Peacock at [email protected]