Is my Club or Team affiliated for the season?

Clubs and teams are added to the membership registration selection option menu as they affiliate for the calendar year with the OCA. If your club or team is not on the list, they have yet to complete the affiliation process for the licence season.

Can I still apply for a membership if my club or team have not yet affiliated?

If your club/team is not on the list, you will not be able to get your membership with their name on it until they do. If you apply for your UCI Licence or Citizen Permit as an Independent, we will process it as such and you will need to change the affiliation once your club/team affiliates. There is a $12 reprocessing fee to reprint any UCI Licence. All Affiliate Club Memberships must be tied to an OCA Affiliated club.

Am I applying for a category I qualify for?

If you are looking to upgrade or downgrade and don’t have the points to do so, your licence will be delayed. All upgrade/downgrade requests outside of the point structure currently in place should be done using the OCA’s Upgrade/Downgrade Request Form. (Note this should be submitted before you apply for your licence for review)

Am I legally able to agree to the waiver?

A rider under the age of 18 requires a parent or legal guardian to agree to ALL aspects of the waiver form (including the declaration and Anti-Doping Policy for UCI Licence applicants) before the membership application will be processed. If you do not have a parent/guardian with you at the time of applying, you will be able to email them a link to the waiver to complete and once that is submitted, the membership will go into the processing queue.

Do I have an appropriate head-shot photo for my membership?

Members will have to upload a passport style photo (smiling is allowed) to their CCN profile for the following memberships:

  • UCI Licence – MANDATORY
  • Citizen Permits – OPTIONAL
  • Affiliate Club Memberships or General Memberships– NOT REQUIRED

Any photo that is not a head-shot photo, or has any items like hats, helmets, sunglasses, etc. which block the viewing of a person’s face or head, will be rejected and result in the licence taking longer to process.

I need a UCI Technical Licence. What are the requirements?

If you are a Commissaire/ Staff please select Technical Licence.

If you need a UCI Race Licence and are also a commissaire/ coach or staff (manager, soigneur, mechanic etc.), you will need to add the Technical Licence membership option before completing your purchase.  You will only be charged for the UCI Race Licence. (Note for 2021 season: UCI Technical Licence holders looking to race only in OCA Sanctioned Events can also purchase a Provincial Citizen Permit to race.)

Staff Requirements

  • Manager: Must have completed a Provincial C Commissaire/ Manager’s Course.  For Managers of UCI or CCC Trade Teams, a separate Director Sportif course offered by Cycling Canada is required.
  • Coach:  Must be an NCCP Certified Coach and provide NCCP certification number.
  • Commissaire:  Must have taken a commissaire course AND be active.  Those who have not done a commissaire assignment in a couple of years will need to re-do the course.
  • Driver:  Must have completed Cycling Canada Driver Caravan Training Course online.
  • Soigneur:  Only a registered medical practitioner may receive this designation.  Proof must be provided to the OCA.

I want to race at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton this year.  What licence do I need?

If you plan to compete at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre for Provincials, Nationals, an Ontario Cup or another OCA sanctioned event (excluding Youth Track Development Series), you will be required to hold a UCI Track Licence.  If you require a UCI Race Licence to compete in other sports as well track simply choose the track licence option in addition to the UCI Race Licence. (Note for 2021 season: Individuals looking to race Track in 2021 in OCA Sanctioned Events can purchase a Provincial Citizen Permit to race. Events like Nationals or UCI sanctioned events will require a UCI Licence.)

All riders under 17 are eligible to race at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre with an OCA Citizen Permit in OCA sanctioned events only.

Other questions?

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