2022 Youth Membership Forms (Waiver, UCI Declaration, Anti-Doping)

Anyone under 18 MUST agree AND have a parent/legal guardian sign and send in prior to membership being issued (if not completed properly online during membership registration). Note the Declaration and Anti-Doping Agreements are required for UCI Licence Applicants however Citizen Permit applicants who may upgrade to a UCI at a later date should also complete to save time in the future.  Download : Updated January 18, 2022

Adult Membership Forms (Waiver, UCI Declaration and Anti-Doping Agreement)

To be filled out by any member over the age of 18 who did not complete the online membership forms. Declaration and Anti-Doping Form only required for UCI Licences. Rowan's Law items required for ALL individuals under 26 years of age at time of application.   Download : Updated February 25, 2021

Adult Upgrade/Downgrade Request Form

Please fill out this form if you are requesting to upgrade your ability based race category. Riders may not change their category from Elite to Master or vice versa during the season. NOTE: This form is not required to be completed if the athlete has the required points to upgrade but they must still contact the office to arrange this change on their licence. Please see various upgrade lists posted in the results section to confirm. Upgrade Requests are reviewed periodically, not daily. Requests for that weekend must be received no later than Tuesday at 9am to be considered.   Download : Updated March 7, 2022

CAA Benefits Program

  Download : Updated November 10, 2017

Ontario Provincial Rider Club/Team Transfer Form

Submit this form if you are wanting to switch your Ontario based private team or club that appears on your licence. Those switching to and/or from an Ontario Private Team MUST have the signature from the appropriate Team Manager(s) on the form.  Download : Updated November 25, 2019

Youth and Junior Upgrade Policy and Request Form (MTBXC) – 2021

Policy regarding Youth (U15/U17/U19) Upgrades for MTBXC and Upgrade Request Form. Must be received 10 days prior to event in question.  Download : Updated September 27, 2021

OCA 2022 Concussion Code of Conduct – Online Version for Membership & Event Registration

For a printable version please contact the office 416-855-1717  Download : Updated December 21, 2021

OCA Membership Policy

2022 OCA Membership Policy  Download : Updated December 22, 2021

2022 Youth Track Upgrade Policy and Application Form

Click Here for the 2021-2022 Youth Track Season Upgrade Request Policy and Application Form. Note the cut-off dates for each Ontario Cup Event.  Download : Updated January 28, 2022