SMITE (Saturday Morning Interval Training Exercise) hosted by Uxbridge Cycling Club

April 10, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Hosted by the Uxbridge Cycling Club, SMITE (Saturday Morning Interval Training Exercise) is a 50-60 min no-drop group ride spiked by a rotating mix of short to long Strava segments. Finding it hard to train more than 4 hours per week? Interval training is a proven format for dynamic power gains over short periods of time. SMITE will incorporate a mix of Sweet Spot, Threshold and VO2Max efforts to hammer your legs into finely sculpted PYTHONS.

VHIIT (Variable High Intensity Interval Training) FORMAT Each Interval is a Strava segment race against the clock for the best chip time, and we’ll have 4-5 per ride.

Intervals will add up to around 30% of the overall ride each week. Once at the end of the interval, wait to let your fellow SMITErs regroup. This is only NO-DROP ride between intervals. Maintain a pace of ~30 km/hr in between intervals and 2.5 watts/kg up hills. The ride leader will call out the Strava segments as you approach them, so stay close.

Join SMITE by finding the event in the Zwift Companion App. Add the event to your schedule. On Saturday morning, login to Zwift by 8:45am to warm up and then join the event when the reminder appears!