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Come out and test your track racing ability! Riders with a UCI Track Cycling license and race certifications are eligible to participate in our race nights which consist of sprint-specific nights, bunch racing, and even timed events. With four different ability-based categories you’ll be sure to find a group that fits. Overall race series points for races such as scratch and points races will be awarded at the end of the race season. Test your fitness and racing skills all season long from September to April with our regular NCIM race nights.

League Price
Adult Single
Adult Half League (5 Races)
Adult Full League (10 races)
League Price
Youth Single
Youth Half League (5 Races)
Youth Full League (10 races)

Youth racers pay youth prices even if racing in Adult grades.

Dates Event
August 20th
Summer Track Race
September 17th
Nationals Revenge
October 1st
Race Night
October 22nd
Race Night
November 5th
Race Night
November 26th
Akuna Cup Keirin
December 17th
Race Night
January 7th
The Wheel Race
February 4th
Race Night
February 18th
Omnium Night
March 18th
The Feature (long points races)


| Track Certification
| Track Certification B
| Skill Level 4
| Power Level 3
| Race Certification
| UCI Track Cycling License