E-Mountain Bike Event Added to Mountainview O-Cup

The Mountainview Midland O-Cup #5 has added an E-Mountain Bike event to the weekend’s races.

As a new part of the Mountainview event held on Saturday August 8th 2020, the E-Mountain Bike races will be run on the same course as the XC race on Sunday.

Event organizer Angry Johnny announced that the event will include two options: Open Men/Women, and Pro/Elite Men/Women. Both events will be open to participants 19 years of age and above.

Angry Johnny’s Director Sportif John Bates said that he is excited to bring this new race format to one of Ontario’s premier race venues. “The idea started after watching the MTB World’s E-Mountain Bike races at MSA and when we started talking to people about it, there was quite a bit of excitement.”

The prizes will be awarded to podium finishers in all categories and that equal prize money will be paid to the podium finishers of the Pro/Elite Men’s and Women’s categories.

The race will be run under UCI E-Mountain Bike Rules, Part 4, Chapter VIII.
1. 4.8.001 An E-Mountain Bike, is a bike operated with two energy sources, human pedal power and an electric engine, which only provides assistance when the rider is pedaling. Only “Pedelec” type of bikes are allowed in UCI event.
E-Mountain bike events must be organised in accordance with the following bike standards:
o – Engine with a maximum continuous rated power of 250 watts
o – Engine assistance up to 25km/h
o – Pedaling assistance only, although a start-up assistance not exceeding 6km/h without pedaling is allowed

All E-Mountain Bikes will be subject to inspection and sequester prior to the event. A Technical Guide will be released to provide full details prior to the event.


Open Men/Women – $40 prior to August 6th, $50 Day of.

Pro/Elite Men/Women – $50 prior to August 6th, 60 Day of.

The Open E-Bike race is scheduled for 10:00 am Saturday, August 8th and is estimated to run for 45-50 minutes. The Pro E-Bike race is scheduled for 11:30 am Saturday, August 8th and is estimated to run for 75 minutes. The E-Bike awards are scheduled for 1:30pm. Please see Technical Guide for final times or changes.

For more information, as well as online pre-registration click here