Cycling Movie Recommendations

There’s no time like the present to get caught up on some of the wonderful entertainment out there about cycling. We turned to some of the Member Profile cyclists for their suggestions and what follows are some of their recommendations. To round out the information, we took descriptions of the suggested movies from IMDB and where possible, have included links to the trailers to give you a look at these wonderful films. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and share your favourite cycling movie memory!

What follows is a list in no particular order of fan favourites:

Member Pick: Mark Hamilton Master Cyclist, AWI Racing p/b The Crank and Sprocket

Rad (1986) –  Trailer Link

Bill Allen plays Cru Jones a young, small town BMX rider who aims to win the local cash race held on a course called ‘Helltrack’. Along the way he meets and falls for another amateur racer Christian (played by a young Lori Laughlin) while trying to beat professional BMX racer Bart Taylor (played by Bart Conner). It’s your typical ‘80s teen movie but features intense and well-choreographed BMX scenes. While the dialogue isn’t anything Oscar worthy, the racing scenes are the main highlight of the film and add a unique and memorable take on the classic sports underdog story.


Member Pick: Nicole Lentini – Elite Cyclist, First Draft Garneau p/b Mercedes-Benz Oakville

Half the Road (2014) – Trailer Link

Exploring the world of women’s professional cycling, this documentary focuses on the love of the sport as well as the issues of inequality women face in the male-dominated sport of cycling. Insight is provided by footage from the world’s best races and tons of interviews from professional cyclists including Olympians and world champions, coaches, officials and many others. It’s an interesting and at times very eye-opening documentary.


Member Pick: Tyler Rorke – Canadian Track Champion, KW Cycling Academy

All for One (2017) – Trailer Link

A bio-pic about GreenEdge, Australia’s first ProTour cycling team, this film takes viewers through the team’s first five years on the international circuit. Through footage of races, training and interviews with the entire team from racers, managers and support car drivers, the film is a great representation of the cycling culture and comradeship that exists between team members. The film has a frantic pace which mirrors the speed of the racing scenes and is an enjoyable watch for both cyclists and non-cyclists.


Member Pick: Ruby West – Elite Canadian Cyclist

Premium Rush (2012) – Trailer Link

Focusing on one of 1,500 bike couriers in Manhattan, this film is adrenaline packed ride as Wilee (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) races through the city to deliver an envelope while be pursued by a dirty cop (played by Michael Shannon). Although the story and dialogue are rather generic, the breakneck pacing of the film mirrors the thrill of riding your bike as fast as you can.


Member Pick: Alex Froner – Professional Cyclist, TaG Cycling

Breaking Away (1979) Full-length Movie – Link Here

A coming-of-age romantic comedy, this film focuses on a small-town boy who is obsessed with an Italian cycling team. He spends the summer hanging out with his three friends after they graduate high school and trying to impress a girl. There’s the typical youth hijinks, a burgeoning romance and some great bike racing scenes including the Indian Little 500 university bike race. Winner of the Oscar for Best Writing, the movie is a poignant look at becoming a young adult and trying to figure your future. The film features wonderful performances by Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern and Jackie Earle Haley.


Member Pick: Peter Disera – Professional Cyclist, Norco Factory Team

Chasing Legends (2010) – Trailer Link

Telling the story of Team-Columbia – HTC during the 2009 Tour de France, this documentary switches between race footage, interviews and archive clips to show the progress of the team as well as the history of the classic event. It’s a love-letter to the passion and history that make the Tour de France one of the greatest sporting events each and every year.


Member Pick: Ruby West – Elite Canadian Cyclist

9 Ball Diaries (2008) – Trailer Link

A shorter film, 9 Ball Diaries is a documentary that follows professional road cyclist Tim Johnson as he transitions to cyclocross in the 2007/2008 season. It shows the beginnings of one of the true legends in the cyclocross world through some wonderful cyclocross footage and candid interviews with Johnson and his cycling team.


Member Pick: Derek Gee – Canadian Elite Track Cyclist

American Flyers (1985) – Trailer Link

Marcus (played by Kevin Costner) has a brain aneurysm that he hides from his brother David (played by David Marshall Grant) while the two train for a bicycle race on Rocky Mountains. A touching story about the bonds of family, it features great cinematography and some stunning racing sequences. Cyclists will enjoy the in-depth look at tactics while non-cyclists will enjoy the emotional and engaging story.


Member Pick: David Jack – Interim OCA Coach

Wonderful Losers (2017) – Trailer Link

Another documentary about the world of professional cycling, Wonderful Losers focuses not on the winners but on the cyclists who take a back seat to help their teammates. Told from the point of view of the doctors’ team in the follow car, this film gives a gritty look at some of the unknown heroes who never get near the podium.


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