Commitment to Anti-Doping

Earlier this week we learned that the Canadian Centre of Ethics in Sport (CCES) has imposed a doping sanction to Barrie resident Stephen Welsh. Effective immediately and in accordance with his sanction, Stephen is ineligible to compete or participate in any OCA / Cycling Canada / UCI Sanctioned sporting event (this includes club rides/events) until July 2, 2018.

While Stephen has not participated in Provincial or National High Performance Programs the decision to violate the anti-doping rules are inexcusable.  Our ongoing commitment to anti-doping education for all Ontario High Performance athletes is just one way we can improve the future of sport.

The Board along with the OCA Anti-Doping committee believe very strongly in our anti-doping policy and the Race Clean program. We are currently working on a final draft of our policy so that it’s in line with Cycling Canada, while also including provisions that are applicable to Ontario athletes within the association. For a copy of the Cycling Canada’s anti-doping policy please click HERE.