Chris Reid Chair of the Ontario Cycling Association Board Steps Down

The Chair of the Board of Directors Chris Reid has made the decision to step down from the Board effective August 12.

This marks the end of 8 years in cycling governance for Reid- first in two terms at Cycling Canada and then two terms at the OCA. During this period he has served as Chair for the last three years.

According to Reid it was just a logical time to step back and pass the role onto others:

“It’s been a privilege to Chair the Association the last three years, but I’ve always said I had no interest in running for a third term. In that light it only makes sense to step back and pass the torch to someone else. This will allow for the Chair that presents the new Strategic Plan to also be the one to lead into the first year of it’s implementation.

I’m immensely proud of the work the Board and staff have done on this plan. If there’s ever been as open and broad a consultation process run by a Provincial Sports Association I am unaware of it. It’s a bold direction and one I think our sport needs.

The CEO renewal is being led by an excellent 3rd party consultant in McKinley Solutions. Thank you to Scott Elliott for shepherding us through this process.”

The Ontario Cycling Association would like to thank Chris for his time on the Board and wish him well in his future cycling endeavours.

In the interim, Board Secretary Grahame Rivers will serve as Chair.