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Annual Meeting Information Package

Ontario Cycling Annual Meeting (AM) will be taking place via Zoom on June 30th 2022 at 7:00pm. In past years the AM has been held in the month of November but in order to be compliant with the Ontario Not for Profit Act, the AM should be held within six (6) months after our fiscal year end, which […]

Ontario Cycling implements Women in Cycling Steering Committee

Ontario Cycling implements the Women in Cycling Steering Committee (WIC) which aims at boosting equality and diversity in Cycling. The WIC is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive cycling experience by encouraging the development of equal opportunities for females in cycling in order to realize cycling’s full potential in Ontario. The work the Committee will […]

Ontario Cycling Women’s Week (OCWW) is filled with unique activities

Ontario Cycling Women’s Week host Beatrice Trang has lined up a series of fantastic speakers and coaches presenting on topics focused on connecting and strengthening the women’s cycling community. Milton – 05-27-2022; On May 31st, 2022, Ontario Cycling will present their sixth annual Women’s Week. What started as a daily ride to encourage engagement is […]

Ontario Cycling introduces a new Technical Lead / Performance Program Amber Hutchinson

As a well-established Performance Analyst with a master’s degree in Sports Biomechanics, Amber brings years of experience working with athletes and coaches across the pathway toward high performance and international success. She’s also played key management roles in developing successful programs in both the Olympic and Paralympic streams with Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada. “I’m […]