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What to Know for Your First Gravel Ride

So you’ve signed up for a gravel race… but you’ve never raced gravel before. Maybe you’ve dabbled in road, mountain biking or cyclocross, but a 100-kilometre or 100 mile gravel race is a different animal. Here’s what you need to know to have a fun, successful gravel race: Study the course map, profile and details […]

Carson Mattern Crushes Track & Road

Ontario racer Carson Mattern isn’t just a superstar World Champion on the track—though that was a pretty high point for him last season. Now that he has the rainbow stripes in one discipline, rather than resting on his laurels, he’s opted to focus on the road as well as track this season. We chatted with […]

Getting ready for your first mountain bike race

So you’ve signed up for your first mountain bike race… now what? Maybe you’ve raced on the road or dabbled in cyclocross before and decided it was time to try a new discipline. That’s great! The Ontario Cup mountain bike series is a fun, welcoming way to test your skills off road in a beginner-friendly […]

First Road Race Coming Up? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re new to road racing, or you just haven’t lined up for the start of one for a few years, you might be feeling a little nervous as road season kicks off in Ontario. But don’t worry: Remember, bike racing is fun! And if you follow these tips, you’ll be ready for anything.  Before […]