Board of Directors Update

The Board of Directors wishes to inform you of some changes. As announced earlier Chantal Thompson has taken a staff position within the OCA. While Chantal’s time on the Board was short, this new opportunity gives her the chance to pursue new areas of focus and professional enjoyment. We on the Board wish Chantal all the best and look forward to continually working along side her as she takes on this new role.

That said, it brings us great pleasure to announce the appointment of Marnelle Dragila to the Board of Directors.

Marnelle is an unapologetic recreational cyclist who largely rides for pie. She is one of the founding members of Railway City Cycling Club in St. Thomas and is its current Chair. Her interest in cycling (aside from riding for pie) has been getting more people on bikes to reach their fitness goals and as a means of community building. She is proud that RCCC has a membership and Board of approximately 50% women, which she feels is reflective of RCCC’s strong community focus and engagement.

Marnelle has a background in social work centred on an anti-oppression framework, and is also a lawyer. She is passionate about protecting children and has focused her career on child protection litigation and mediation for the last 12 years, including representing children as an agent of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. She is a past Regional Director, Vice-Chair and Acting Chair for the Organization of Counsel for Children’s Aid Societies.

Marnelle’s past experience with club development, community building and her professional acumen will be a great asset to the Board. She brings a fresh perspective that will help us continue to protect the Association and all of its members.

If you are interested in learning more about the Board of Directors and curious how you might be able to volunteer your time to help either as a Committee Member or Director in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact the Board. We wish all the members a safe and enjoyable start to the season.

Safe travels,