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Barrie Cycling Club – Club Profile

What year was your club created?

Incorporated in 2005, however, there was a Barrie Bicycle Club in 1893.

Tell us about your club.

We are primarily a road riding club (with Saturday gravel riding) and host a variety of different rides throughout the week, catering to various times of the day, ability levels, speeds and distances. Wednesday evening is our “Learn to Group Ride” session for new members who have not had any group riding experience. Tuesday evening is our main event with up to 7 different groups based on speed and distance, of 10-12 heading out. We host a once a month Time Trial Series, and a once a month Women’s only Saturday group ride.

Why should someone join your club?

BCC is a fun place to experience the benefit of riding in groups, get to know other cyclists and to have fun on a bike.

What advice would you give to a cyclist looking to join a club?

Cycling clubs are a fun way to improve your cycling and to meet other like minded people. Look for a “Learn to Group Ride” session if you are unsure of what to do.

Describe your club in 5 words or less.

Fun, friendly, social, recreational & challenging

For more information:

Visit Barrie Cycling Club’s Website

Barrie Cycling Club group photo in a parking lot in front of a lush forrest
Barrie Cycling Club group ride photo smiling facing towards the camera
Barrie Cycling Club group ride on paved rural forest road

Photos Provided By: Dean Heliotis