What is Long Term Athlete Development

The Ontario Cycling Associations Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model presents a progressive pathway for athletes to optimize their development according to recognized stages in human physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive maturation.

LTAD has implications for the transformation of key aspects of cycling’s sport system. Cycling’s Long-Term Athlete Development touched upon 17 key LTAD initiatives to improve cycling in Canada. These initiatives, endorsed by Cycling Canada Cyclisme Board of Directors, are a framework for improvement in five key areas of our sport environment: Organizations, Competitions, Facilities, Coaching, and Leaders.

Cycling Canada has worked closely with the five (5) Olympic disciplines to create cycling sports specific LTAD documents. These documents target the specific pathway for athletes, coaches and officials within the LTAD framework.

Cycling Canada General LTAD – Click Here

MTB-XC Cycling – Click Here

Track Cycling – Click Here

BMX Cycling – Click Here

Para-Cycling – Click Here

Road Cycling – In Development