2022 MTB & Road/Gravel Expression of Interest Forms Available

Any group (individual member, affiliated club, or team) interested in organizing one or more events during the 2022 season, must submit an Expression of Interest for each event. Expression of Interests must be received by the Ontario Cycling Association office no later than 11:59 PM on Monday, November 15th, 2021 for consideration on the preliminary calendar (released December 14th). Applications received after the November deadline date will still be considered for inclusion in the 2022 event calendar but only after the preliminary calendar is set.

Women’s Cycling Week is scheduled to include the weekend of June 4 and 5th. We encourage organizers to get creative and include/add a women’s specific event over that weekend.

Organizers on record hosting a competitive event must hold an Ontario UCI license with the ORG designation. In order to receive this designation, the license holder must have passed a provincial level Commissaire course within the discipline of the event being organized. Please contact the OCA office for information on the next available course.

Event dates will be prioritized in order as follows (using the date choices provided on the Expression of Interest form):
1. UCI Events
2. National Events
3. Provincial Championships
4. Ontario Cups/Youth Road Development Series
5. Regional Events
6. Citizen Events
7. Gran Fondo
8. Tour/Charity



Other priority considerations will be considered including proposed event format and event location to allow for a well-balanced race season. Unless indicated on this form, organizers who do not receive the sanction level they requested, will be automatically considered for the next lower sanction level (i.e. Ontario Cup to Regional). Unless given special dispensation, no event may be awarded an Ontario Cup sanction (or higher) without having run the event previously at the sanction level immediately below it.

Note: The following form is simply an expression of interest to host/organize an event. It does
not guarantee that your proposed event will be approved/sanctioned or that you have received
your preferred date. All submissions are reviewed and discussed prior to a decision being made
Additional information may be requested (if deemed necessary) to make an informed decision

on the event sanctioning.

We look forward to working with each of our organizers this season!

OCA Events Department
Ontario Cycling Association